Fun and Healthy Outdoor Activities for Staying in Shape

We all know how important physical activity is. More often than not, we fail to find the time to get ourselves in shape. If you are having a problem signing up in a gym or a fitness class, here are some outdoor activities that are more appealing than having training?

Not-a-regular volley

The fun starts as soon as you hear the ’beach’. Beach volley is a perfect summer activity for all of those who think there’s more to the beach than sitting in the shade and drinking lemonade. Other than being fun and forcing you to perfect your skills as a volley player, this outdoor activity has plenty of health benefits. The wet and soft volleyball courts offer resistance to your legs and that way help shaping the lower leg muscles. This sport is giving your cardiovascular system a great exercise since your abdomen is in constant movement. Other than health benefits, another plus of this fun sport is picking up a perfect summer tan.


Paddle it out

Paddling a small craft through water can be a hobby, a competitive sport or just a fun activity on holidays. It requires practice, so if you’ve never done this before, it’s better if you have a few classes and someone experienced to paddle by your side. Kayaking is a low-impact activity with many health benefits. It can improve your muscle strength, particularly arms, back, shoulders and chest. It helps develop a perfectly shaped torso, while it also improves your cardiovascular fitness. Since the padding is low impact activity, the risk of harming your joints and tissues is reduced.

Paddle it out

There are 10 million bicycles in Beijing

That is true. Chinese people are known for their habit of riding a bike everywhere, rather than taking a car or even walking. Riding a bike is a convenient cause of transportation these days, but if pushed a little further, it can be a great way of recreation. You don’t need a special several- thousand- dollars bike to do cycling. All you need is go for some wider tires, grab a bottle of water and wear something light and comfortable. If you are gadget lover, there are multiple ways to upgrade your looks and efficiency as a biker. The bottom line is- cycling will help you develop incredible muscle tonus of all the major muscle groups. It will also increase your overall strength and aerobic fitness.

bicycles in Beijing

Hike for your thoughts

Hiking is a just more intense form of walking. It’s a full body and mind exercise since you can choose your walking holidays to go to some destinations you would like to visit and experience closely. There is no better way of enjoying the nature than by hiking. Whether you’re going alone or in a company, this activity is good for your mental health, too. Walking through the woods while breathing the fresh air, smelling the aroma of trees and the earth, listening to birds sing helps clear out mind and make us happy.


Dance me till the end of time

Did you always want to learn some of the classical dances, but you just never got to it? What if you learned all the health benefits that dancing provides? The list starts with the improvement of the cardiovascular system, goes on to the muscular strength and aerobic fitness, includes weight management, strengthening the bones, improving coordination and goes all the way to improving your social skills. Not to mention that you’re dancing all the time! And you don’t need anything other than yourself and music. Ah, what a beautiful world.


Not recommended for the persons over the age of 12

If there is a trampoline in your local park, the chances are that it’s not recommended for adults. But don’t get all cranky and upset, there are adult trampolines. And they are awesome! Among the obvious fun, rebounding at a moderate pace for 15-20 minutes a few times a week can have multiple health benefits. It will help increase lymphatic flow in your body, and as a result, clean your body from toxins and waste products. It’s the ultimate fun way of losing weight and staying fit.

physical shape

Taking care of your physical shape is lifelong responsibility. Other than regular sports, there are plenty of ways to keep your body fit and healthy. The most important thing is to choose the activity you really like. That way you will do it gladly and thus obtain better results.

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