Health Benefits of Bidets

While these handy bathroom fixtures have existed since the early 18th century and are quite common in some parts of the world, a lot of people are still puzzled when they see a bidet. In Italy, people cannot imagine their lives without this amenity, while an American will most likely be confused when they come across one during their travels and they will be reluctant to use it. It is true that bidets have a history filled with prejudice: being connected to taboo topics such as women’s biology, they obviously did not have an appeal to all audiences. However, it’s time to follow the French and upgrade our personal hygiene, and the health benefits bidets have will convince you. Read on.

But first… How do I use it again?

For most people, the first encounter with a bidet probably involves one of two things. A quick Google search on “how to use bidets” from their smartphone, or 10 minutes spent on trying to get it to work – and possibly ending up doing it the wrong way. If you too have no idea what way you should even sit on it, don’t skip this paragraph.

So, essentially, a traditional bidet is a basin, typically next to the toilet, and it is used to wash the genitals and anal area after using the toilet. You are advised to first use toilet paper like you usually do. Then, you should move on to the bidet and adjust the temperature and pressure before straddling it, positioning yourself above the jet, ideally facing the valves. Considering that this would require you to take off your pants completely, if you find that inconvenient, you can also check out new bidet models such as bidet seats and attachments in the online bidet shop of your choice. Then, you can use soap to clean yourself and a towel to dry off afterwards. Finally, it is essential that you keep your bidet clean and hygienic at all times so as not to catch any infections.

And what are the benefits?

Prevention is the best medicine

The most obvious benefit of bidets is cleanliness and thus, disease prevention. Using only dry toilet paper leaves a considerable amount of residue on your backside. On the other hand, we all know that water is the best way to clean just about anything. Bidets can be used without having to touch your dirtiest areas, and thus, you will be preventing spreading germs all over.

In addition, we have all been taught to wipe from front to back, which is important to prevent a urinary tract infection, especially for women. However, only using toilet paper leaves plenty of bacteria on your skin, which can still travel and cause you problems. With bidets, you don’t have to worry about this as you will be leaving your bathroom as clean as ever, every time.

During your period

While bidets are essential for both men and women, they can be life-changing for women. The reason is, they make all the difference when it comes to staying clean and fresh during your period. Many women resort to special wet wipes during those days, however, they often contain ingredients that can irritate the skin of your most delicate part. Since the vagina is self-cleaning, using wipes that contain artificial scents is a bad decision. Clean water is the best way to clean yourself when you’re on your period, and a bidet will allow you to do so without too much hassle.

Gentle wash

Another drawback of toilet paper is that, quite frankly, it’s harsh on the skin. If you’re wiping too hard, you can irritate the perianal skin and cause inflammation – and unpleasant itching. This can especially be a problem when you have diarrhea or if you have any kind of gastrointestinal disorder that has you going to the toilet quite often. In addition, no one likes hemorrhoids, and they can be really painful. In these cases, a bidet can really make your life easier. It’s the gentlest possible way to clean up after using the toilet.

For everyone

Finally, while this is not a “health benefit” per se, bidets can be a true game-changer in the life of the elderly, those with limited mobility, those with injuries as well as pregnant women and new moms. Since reaching back can cause quite the difficulty in some of these cases, washing up in the bidet makes using the toilet more comfortable. In some cases, it can be what enables the person to stay independent and less reliant on caregivers, which makes a world of difference. Pregnant women need to be extra careful with staying clean in order not to catch an infection and endanger their baby, and after giving birth, chances are they will be very sensitive in those areas, and the gentle water jet of the bidet can make the discomfort more bearable.

Bidets are slowly becoming more widespread in those parts of the world that have not yet been taking advantage of their amazing benefits. However, the topics surrounding it are still not ones that people like openly talking about. It is time to break the stigma in favor of our personal hygiene and overall health!

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