Home Decorations That You should Not Miss in 2022

In 2022, with the coronavirus wreaking havoc, staying at home has become the new norm. The silver lining, however, is that we now have more time for home improvement and decoration. Our homes are our sanctuaries from the craziness of the outside world, so it pays to put a bit of thought into how we style them. Besides, with all this time at home, people are coming up with more excellent home decorating ideas than ever before. Below are five home decorating trends you don’t want to miss in 2022.

  1. Floral Wallpaper

With the decline of geometric prints we’ve seen this year, an increasing number of people are finding comfort and beauty in floral-patterned wallpaper. Floral prints allow you to bring the outdoors inside, livening up your living space and giving it an aura of natural beauty and warmth. Wilder tropical prints are also making a statement in 2022, not only for wallpapers but in cohort with the growing trend of wallpapering ceilings and bathrooms. Overall, green and earth tones are the most popular wallpaper shades in 2022, which really isn’t a surprise. With COVID-19 transmission rates much lower outdoors, many people are venturing into nature for safe outings and holidays. National park visitor rates were up this summer, and more people are on the trails than ever before. We want to bring the beauty of the outdoors home with us.

  1. Eco-Friendly Fireplaces

Eco-friendly fireplaces are a relatively new trend that has grown rapidly in recent years and is making a huge statement in 2022. Environmentally-friendly fireplaces are easy to install and require no ventilation whatsoever, generally (though this depends on whether the fireplace is electric, pellet, ethanol, or gas).

Typically, we’re thinking of electric fireplaces when we think of eco-friendly fireplaces. They’re ideal because they can be built into furniture or in conjunction with a standard fireplace setup, such as a marble surround. These stand-alone pieces can be placed anywhere in the house. They do have a limited heating capacity (typically 400 square feet) and don’t produce a real flame, but unlike conventional fireplaces, which naturally require more maintenance and produce CO2 emissions, green fireplaces have little to no maintenance required, and are much more cost-effective in terms of installation, due to the fact that they require no ventilation.

  1. Tapestries

Tapestries are an excellent focal point for any room in your home. Muted palettes of earth tones, greens, blues, and tans, have grown increasingly popular in 2022, for many of the reasons we’ve discussed above. They lend a theme and general aura to a room, providing a centerpiece for attention and a consistent color base to decorate around. Tapestries are a personal choice, of course, but the benefit is that they’re extremely easy to take down, move around, and put back up, so find whatever works best for you!

  1. Biophilic Designs

This is one you may not have heard of. Essentially, biophilic design refers to “the use of direct nature, indirect nature, and space and place conditions” to “increase occupant connectivity to the natural environment.” In short, it means incorporating natural elements, like plants, natural lighting, water, etc. into your living space. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon are a great example of early biophilic design.

Bringing the beauty and tranquillity of nature into your home has myriad benefits you can’t even begin to imagine, improving everything from health to environmental to economic factors! Including a “living wall” or a biomontage wall doesn’t just make your space more beautiful, it improves your mental health. You’ll feel more at peace and connected with nature. It’s like being indoors and outdoors at the same time. Add plants and vines and running water into your home and you’ll be surprised how much you like staying home all day.

  1. Fire Pit Tables

Given that COVID-19 is much less transmissible outdoors, as we mentioned above, it pays to have a place to host friends and family outside when throwing small parties or get-to-gethers. Fire pit tables are booming currently for just that reason.

These unique outdoor tables are the ideal cornerstone of a perfect dinner or backyard party. They offer the warmth and ambiance of a fire married to the functionality of a table. You can place drinks, desserts, or appetizers on the table surface while gathering around the flame from the central burner. Incorporating a fire table into your outdoor space is a must in 2022!

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