10 Easy Home Decorating Ideas and Tips

The smallest of changes sometimes can make a big impact when it comes to decorating your house. So, if your space looks drab and you’re planning to redecorate, there are a lot of quick and easy ways to help brighten and freshen up your home.

If you’ve been looking for some unique yet inexpensive way to decorate, we have a few ideas you’ll definitely love. They’ll call for a little imagination, almost no money, but an instant style to any decor.

  1. Cover a Wall with Plates

Cover A Wall With Plates

Covering the whole wall with plates can have the same effect as one big piece of art do. So, in case you own a collection of vintage plates, arrange them on an empty wall to give it a modern and a very chic look.

If not, create them for yourself. Just find a few plates in different shapes. Paint them in different colors and arrange them on the wall to create some inspiring piece of art.

  1. Bring the Outdoors In

Bring The Outdoors In

One of the easiest things you can do to freshen up your home is to add fresh flowers, branches, and even leaves from your own backyard.

It’s inexpensive and so much fun. Try adding a budding branch, for instance to make a great decorative piece.

  1. Re-Arrange Your Furniture

Re-Arrange Your Furniture

Rearranging your furniture may sound too much of a work to be done, but trust us you don’t literally have to move everything around.

Just try swapping a family chair from a family room with the one in the bedroom or mirror pieces from one room to another.

Doing so can dramatically alter the look and feel of the room by changing the flow and the focal point.

  1. Fake Architectural Details

Fake Architectural Details

If you wish to make your rooms look bigger, grab a painter’s tape to paint horizontal or vertical lines. In fact, make shapes like rectangles and squares, on the wall framing out furniture, scones or your favorite picture.

With molding, it can help you give an illusion of an added depth and dimension to the wall as well.

  1. Set Up A Terrarium

Set Up A Terrarium

Terrarium in Singapore is considered as an ideal, ancient masterpiece that contributes greatly to add a natural touch to the home.

Available in various sizes, there is almost no home decor where these world famous terrarium figurines singapore ideas wouldn’t work out.

With a little bit creativity and free time, you can decorate both your outdoors and your indoors with the breathtaking garden inside it.

  1. Turn Chalkboard into Tray

Turn Chalkboard Into Tray

Incorporate this unique idea of converting your spare chalkboard into a statement serving tray by literally displaying the names of your favorite cheese course to be served.

All you’ll need to do is buy a wooden frame tablet, a couple of drawer pulls to fit the sides and an epoxy. If you already have a few spare one’s, well and good. Just glue the handles to the wood and voila!

  1. Add a Splash of Color

Add A Splash Of Color

Sometimes, a touch of color is all you need. But, that necessarily doesn’t mean you need to paint your whole house all over again.

Instead, choose an accent color that either complements or contrasts with your current scheme. Then, let that color flash at different points around the room using various things.

Along with it use small accessories to further bring out your accent color to shelves and tables.

  1. Faux Finishes

Faux Finishes

Homeowners and designers are turning to faux material for a budget friendly and a more reliable alternative to authentic materials. And, we are not just talking faux fur rugs.

Faux wood ceiling beams that can’t rot, faux leather counters, faux foliage, and manufactures gray floors are among the latest home design trends that without complicated tasks can be employed to give your house a chic makeover.

  1. Butterflies


Butterflies are nowadays increasingly appearing as a buoyant, happy motif in home design.

A symbol of both grace and optimism, it is no longer designated to children specific room. But, it is now possible to celebrate in a variety of spaces with a sophisticated accent.

So, dear butterfly lovers, do not miss this opportunity to add a butterfly wallpaper to your empty wall.

  1. Candles


Everyone knows that candles create the warmest, romantic, and cozy ambiance and then who would not anyone want that in their home?

So, make sure to arrange some candles in places like the dining room or on top of the fireplace mantle. Even better, suspended on a bathroom wall to create a dramatic impact.

They can be created in several shapes and scents to suit your needs with a little free time at hand.

So, which one of these are you already thinking about to decorate your house with? If you’ve got more unique ideas, comment below. We’ll be more than glad to hear all about them.

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