10 Housekeeping Tips to Reduce Clutter and Boost Cleanliness in Your Bedroom

The bedroom is everyone’s beloved room at home. It always has a very special place in your heart because it’s the room inside your house, which you can, anytime, possessively call your own. This is where you find the most rest, comfort and relaxation, not only at night but whatever time of day it is. Ironically, the bedroom is also that house area which is often filled with mess and everything but cleanliness. Why?

Well, we’re not generalizing here but talking about what many, if not most, people experience inside their own homes. While their bedroom is their most comfortable zone, they fail to keep it neat and orderly because of too much comfort. They are too lax and complacent saying, “Nah it’s fine. It’s my room, and guests won’t enter here anyway.

Look here. If you’re that kind of person, you better cut off that mindset. Organizing and tidying up your room is not for anyone else but for yourself. If there’s anyone who benefits from a clean bedroom, it’s you, the owner. It definitely makes your sleep, your self-discipline, your comfort and your life better.

Now that you have realized that, the next thing to do is to move and make an effort to spruce up your dear bedroom. It’s time to become a more responsible and happier homeowner! Check out these 10 housekeeping tips to reduce clutter and boost cleanliness in your bedroom.

1 – Sweep, vacuum and mop the floor regularly.


The floor is always the easiest and fastest to get dirty due to foot traffic. What’s more, dust and dirt directly fall to the floor, and most of the time, they are not noticeable or visible to the naked eye. You just recognize them when you can already feel your feet getting dusty while walking inside your bedroom.

Sweep, vacuum and mop the floor regularly. You don’t need to wait for your feet to get gray and dusty because of your mucky bedroom floor before you do that. If you create a schedule of your floor cleaning every week, you can prevent dust from piling up and giving you a harder time. You will also feel comfy moving around your bedroom.

Use the right cleaning agents for the floor to ensure that dirt is eliminated and the floor itself is polished.

2 – Maintain the bed’s neatness.


The furniture that sets apart the bedroom from other rooms in the house is the bed. It’s supposed to be plush and restful!

Maintain the bed’s neatness by fixing it when not in use. As soon as you wake up in the morning and finish praying, fold your blankets, stack the pillows, and straighten the sheets. Shake off dust from these bed essentials.

Replace your pillowcases and bed sheets as often as you see fit. Some people do it every month while others after just a few weeks.

3 – Dust windows, blinds, mirrors and walls.

Dust windows

Grab a feather duster or a cloth to dust windows and blinds. You can easily see if they are covered in dust because the sunlight highlights it.

Wipe your walls too. Although you don’t literally use your walls, they must be scrubbed to avoid bacteria buildup and to prevent microorganisms and insects from inhabiting them. No matter how efficiently new home builders did your walls, they can get dirty over time!

If you have mirrors or picture frames hung on the walls, wipe them with clean water and disinfectants too. See them become as good as new!

4 – Immediately toss used clothes into the laundry basket

laundry basket

Many people are familiar with having that one chair in the house where everyone’s dirty garments are waiting to be washed. It also has become a meme that many can relate to!

Well, it’s so easy to carelessly just hang your used clothes on your favorite chair or couch in the bedroom. While you are still not sure whether or not you will re-use that t-shirt or that pair of jeans, which you only wore for an hour outside, you choose to just keep it within your sight. You don’t want to put it back in your closet because you might forget about it.

It could be alright at first, but there are times when you don’t notice that your used clothes are already accumulating on your bedroom sofa or on the headboard of your bed. This makes your bedroom really untidy.

Fight laziness and negligence! Immediately toss used clothes into the laundry basket. Put your laundry bag close to or within your bedroom, so there’s no excuse for you. You will also be reminded to urgently accomplish the laundry since it’s getting bulky already!

5 – Return clean clothes into the closet

clean clothes

After washing your no-iron clothes, do not make them stay on your bed. Instantly store them in their cabinets. Meanwhile, after picking out your outfit of the day among multiple choices, make sure to return those unpicked garments into the closet. They are clean clothes, so put them back into their proper drawers. This eliminates stuff that unnecessarily occupies space in your bedroom, plus it prevents those squeaky-clean clothes from becoming dusty!

6 – Organize gadgets’ and appliances’ cords

Organize gadgets

Your bedroom surely serves a number of various purposes. It is your entertainment crib, your study area and your workspace at home. Given that, it certainly stores your electronic gadgets, like your laptop, personal computer, smartphone, tablet and/or television.

Use all these properly and safely. Organize gadgets’ and appliances’ cords and cables. Cable staples, zip ties and cord strips are available in the market. Be resourceful if you don’t have these; masking tapes will do. Hiding cables makes the bedroom appear neat and keeps you safe from tripping and getting hurt. At the same time, your gadgets are defended from harm.

7 – Make the essentials visible and accessible.

essentials visible

Avoid putting everything in your bedroom. There are other rooms in your house, so don’t make your bedroom something like a storage area. If you do that, it will become chaotic, and you will have a hard time moving in it.

Keep the most necessary items in your bedroom. Make essentials visible and accessible. Put them in front of others when placed on your racks and shelves, so you can easily grab and get them. When you’re in a hurry, you can take your most needed stuff hassle-free!

8 – Throw away trash and unneeded items.


Are you the type of person who has a habit of keeping receipts, plastic bags, flyers, price tags and stuff like that? These are objects you don’t completely need now, but you are still keeping them because you might need them in the future. Or you’re still holding onto them because of memories.

Small items can heap up and build big messes before you know. Throw away trash and unneeded items. Doing so allows you to put in more relevant and necessary items into your bedroom. If you’re keeping mementos, just make sure they don’t turn into trash!

9 – Set a trash bin in the bedroom.


You should not need to step out of the bedroom to throw away your garbage, such as tissue paper, scratch paper, cotton buds and hair strands. Set a trash bin right there inside your bedroom. Station it where it can easily be seen and used.

10 – Keep food outside the bedroom.


Do not eat in your bedroom to avoid spilling beverages and food crumbs on it. Doing so prevents attracting ants, cockroaches, rats and other insects that can damage and pollute your bedroom and that will make you uncomfortable and unsafe. Hard-to-remove stains, grease and sticky areas will give you a headache, so keep food outside the bedroom.


Oh, nothing tops the coziness that a clean and clutter-free bedroom gives! After a long day outside, the relaxation it provides you as you go home embraces you with delight and hush.

Again, keep in mind that your bedroom is none else’s but yours, thus, it is your duty to ensure that it’s well-kept. If you do that, your bedroom will be safer, cushier and prettier! And that’s just wonderful!

Gain focus and confidence while working from home inside your bedroom home office. Appreciate your days off indoors. Enjoy your sleep and rest. A homey bedroom makes a happy homeowner.


Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Horizon Homes, a boutique home building and designing company in Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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