How Much Does It Cost To Install a Commercial Door for your Storefront?

Your commercial storefront door is much more than just an entrance. It provides the first glimpse into your store, so it should have good aesthetics. It must be sturdy enough to ensure that your merchandise remains safe. Moreover, being able to withstand wind, rain, and sun are other qualities it should possess. A useful door will also work smoothly so as not to stop the incoming and outgoing traffic. If you end up picking the right one, you will see more energy savings and fewer maintenance bills too.

If you want to get a new door installed on your storefront, keep in mind that the cost will depend on various factors:


Two main costs apply to the installation of a commercial door. One is the cost of the door itself while the other is the cost of labor for its installation. If you have already purchased the door or own it, then you only need to worry about the latter. Factors such as which company you hire to do the job, whether they just have to hang the door or change the door frame as well, etc., will determine what the job will cost you.

Keep in mind that when a commercial door installation company gives you a quote, they are working by the requirements you have set before them. If there are additional jobs that will need doing before the door can be installed, it usually costs more.

That is why you should take the following factors into account when choosing your new door:

  • Is the door of your choice taller than the doorway? If it is, the doorway would have to be enlarged
  • How many doors are to be installed? Multiple doors will require additional time


Any company or handyman who tells you that it will take them just an hour to install the door is likely cheating you! Regardless of the situation, most door installation jobs take at least a day – more under special circumstances, such as repairing some damage. It can also take four hours, depending on the skills of the person doing the installation. That’s why if you are going to have a door installed, plan smartly. Customer traffic will be affected by the installation going on. Therefore, you can’t do it and keep the store open.


While the changing seasons shouldn’t have any effect on the installation of the doors, that isn’t the case. That’s because your storefront door will go inside a frame. The material used to construct that frame does get affected by weather. That is especially true in the case of commercial construction. For instance, if you are getting multiple doors installed as part of a bigger project, their frames would be put in before the building is complete. Wooden frames and doors are highly susceptible to cold, excessive heat, and fluctuations in humidity. Therefore, the building where they will be put up should have been conditioned.


Doors constructed from various materials won’t have the same price. Below we look at some of the types of doors used most commonly:

Commercial Steel Doors

Depending on the traffic that your store sees and the kind of traffic it sees, you might be better off with a commercial steel door. These doors also ensure a higher level of security and are a good purchase due to their durability. It will also be relatively cheaper than say fiberglass or aluminum.

Steel Doors

Aluminum Doors

If you want a door that presents a clean, modern look to the outside world, then you need one made of aluminum. The door will have a sleek appearance unlike the stodginess of a wooden door. It will also be a much lower maintenance option as compared to others. Your store will also enjoy security without looking like a loading dock look due to a steel door!

Glass Doors

Double glass doors will cost you much more than the other previous options. At the same time, however, they also provide your customers with a sneak peek at what’s inside your store. That is why they are the favored choice for storefront doors.

Finally, like in any type of door installation, such as Garage Door Installation Cost, the company you choose might not be telling you everything. Disreputable businesses forget to tell their customers about certain hidden costs. We mention a few of them below:

  • The markup and overhead for a general contractor who is in charge of supervising and organizing the installation procedure. That could add a further 13%-22% to what you would have paid otherwise
  • Any supplies and materials that need purchasing could have sales tax on them
  • Whether a permit will be required or payment of any inspection fees before the installation

Therefore, don’t take a chance. Just call in the experts! Professionals will take care of everything and have your door installed within no time.

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