How to ensure the Durability of a Log Homes

Log house is a home constructed by long, horizontal and interlocked logs. These homes provide great durability against rain, snow, heat, insects, earthquake and tornado. With a proper care and maintenance a log home can last up to hundreds of years.

Benefits of log homes are:

  • They are more energy efficient as they keep you warm in winters and cool in summers.
  • The process of building a log home takes less time, it gets ready within a few months.
  • Log homes are environment- friendly as wood is known as the best element to regulate carbon dioxide of the atmosphere. Hence more log cabins you use for your home more fresh air it will give to you.
  • Log homes provide great protection against high speed storms winds like a hurricane, tornado etc.

Protect your log cabins for more time to enjoy healthy living, make your homes more durable for a long time. The durability of log homes depends upon various factors which are listed below:

Selection Of Wood For Log Cabins

For log home durability type of wood you select is very important thing to consider at the beginning of the lanning process to build log home. Logs may shrink, twist, wrap with time but you can avoid this by choosing best log after proper inspection. The right selection of log will not only improve the durability but also complement the beauty of your home. Select species of wood which is suitable with atmosphere of your land place.

Accurate Milling Of Logs:

An important factor for log home durability is precise cutting of logs, so that optimal fitting of logs can be done in log cabin. Proper fitting and matching of logs with other logs of cabin will give more finish and increase durability of log home.

Apply Stain Properly:

Once your log home is constructed well, apply the high quality stain at exterior walls of your log home. This stain will protect your house from moisture, insects, rots and UV rays of sun. Select a stain which suited best to type of wood of your log home. Stain will increase the durability and improves look of your house.

Seal The Joints Of Log:

Seal the joints of log cabin properly, to prevent entry of bugs, insects or any other unwanted material from outside. Log chinking which is a flexible sealant can be used to seal joint or any other hole in logs. You may apply the chinking before or after staining your home. You can choose any method to apply sealant, once you use chinking to seal the corners or joints make it smooth with trowel. It will also remove any unwanted air and ensures good sealing against hole or crack.

Regular Maintenance:

Maintain your home time to time, it will ensure long term durability of log cabins. Wash your home once in a year and after washing inspect it for any removal of stain or sealant. Do regular cleaning of hidden areas, corners of your home to get rid of insects, fungi, dust, rot, miles etc. basic maintenance routine will keep your home in tip top shape and assured its durability.

For increase durability of log cabins or home follow the above mention tips. Log home is a versatile home because, it provides you protection from many natural hazards and also gives you fresh environment to live.

Instead of spending money again and again to buy or renovate your dream home, it is better to maintain it well. A well maintained log home will lasts up to hundreds of years and your many generations can get an advantage of such beautiful log house.

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