The Safety of your Family and Home Begins at the Door

Every year, we see the burglary rates continue to rise in the country. It is also alarming and frightening to learn that the highest recorded incidents were in the Northern Territory and in Western Australia. In order to protect our loved ones and our home, it is important to find products that will help us improve our residential security.

Alarm systems are installed to ward off intruders. Some homeowners even install surveillance cameras around their property as an extra security measure. However, keep in mind that in the event of a burglary, our first line of defence would be our doors. The probability of a criminal’s success depends on the level of security that your door has.

Having Poor Quality Doors is an Open Invite for Criminals

When criminals target houses, they look for indicators that tell them which is more vulnerable and can easily be broken into. When you know what these signs are, you can fix them and get a better chance of ensuring your security. With that said, here are some of the things that criminals are looking for:

Vulnerable Doors

Sometimes, the summer heat can be unbearable. We’d want to stay cool and yet not spend too much on air conditioning. As such, some of us would keep the door open to let fresh air in. Keep in mind that criminals spend some time observing houses to create an effective break-in plan. If they notice that you tend to keep your door open during the hottest times of the day, they will take advantage of this. They will sneak into your home and sweep your important belongings.

Doors with Poor Quality

If your doors are of poor quality, they might easily get loose or fall apart. When you get too busy with daily activities, you might overlook your damaged doors. Keep in mind that burglars target doors with poor quality as their potential entry points. As such, it is important to regularly check your doors and ensure that they are secure. A great option would be to install high-quality security doors or screens to deter burglary attempt. Just by having a strong security door, you can discourage criminals from targeting your home.

Why it is Essential to Invest in a Security Door

The safety of your family and home begins at your door. Needless to say, you can have peace of mind when you invest in a reliable security door. Once you’ve got them installed, you can enjoy more advantages than you initially expected.

The Right Protection for your Needs

As we’ve mentioned, your first line of defence is your main entry door. If you compare security doors to ordinary doors, you will see that the former are a lot stronger. You can have another layer of protection against burglaries when you have one installed.

Deter Break-in Attempts

It is worth noting that burglars generally break into houses through the main entry door. They might have second thoughts on targeting your home if they see that you have a security door. They would contemplate whether it is worth their effort and resources to break into your home. Most of the time, intruders use basic tools when opening locked doors. On the other hand, they would have to make loud banging noises before they can bring down a strong security door.

Make sure you find a security door that meets Australian Standards for quality and durability. It should have passed knife shear, impact, anti-jemmy and other tests. By choosing a good security door, you know that you have the right protection that your home and your family need.

The Benefits Go Beyond Security

Security doors undeniably protect families from burglary attempts. However, you would be glad to learn that their benefits stretch towards various financial and lifestyle advantages. Here are some bonus features of security doors, specifically those made from aluminium:

Long-Lasting, Making it a Good Investment for your Home

What’s great about aluminium security doors is that most of them are resistant to corrosion. Aluminium is widely used in the marine industry because this material is not affected by the elements. So, when you have an aluminium security door, you can have a product that would not easily wear over time.

If you live in a coastal area, rusting can be a serious threat to your door. Salt particles and the atmospheric humidity can damage your door. It is worth noting that you would only start to notice rusting when the damage is already big. On the other hand, when you opt for an aluminium security door, you would not have to worry about such problems.

Lower your Electricity Costs

As we’ve mentioned, it can get uncomfortably hot during the summer season. If you want to secure your home, you’d want to close your door at all times. However, doing so prevents amply airflow. Your option would be to turn on the air conditioning unit which would consume significant amounts of energy.

You can find security doors with perforated aluminium screen meshes. When you have one installed, you can lock it while keeping your main door open. In this way, you can let fresh air flow into your home without compromising your security. Moreover, since you are not using your air conditioner, you are also reducing your carbon footprint.

Higher Market Value for your Home

Another key thing to remember is security doors add to the value of your home. The common misconception about them is that they only come in prison bar designs. However, there are security doors with decorative glass and some even come with stylish grilles. So, when you have one installed, you are improving the kerb appeal of your house. When the time comes that you decide to put your home on the market, you will be able to sell it at a good price.

Lower Insurance Premium

Insurance companies also consider whether you’ve made improvements to the security of your home. When they assess that your house is not vulnerable to burglaries, they will possibly give you a discount on your home and contents insurance frees.

As you can see, safety is not the only benefit you can get from a good security door. It goes without saying that getting one is truly a good investment for your family.

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