How to Freshen Up Your Living Room for Springtime

Winter will soon be behind us as the whiff of spring is in the air. With it, there is no shortage of new interior trends waiting for us to try them out. Longer days mean we have the time and energy to try them out. If you are looking to change the look and feel of your living room, now is the time, and this is the place to do it. Let’s go over some interesting patterns and trends that are sure to spruce up our surroundings.

1. Making the most out of the outdoors

Springtime is when the nature starts to flourish once again. Flowers are everywhere, trees are full, and birds are singing their songs. So why not try and bring some of that in? Adding a few plants will add color and contrast to our interior, and will make our home just that much healthier. Smaller plants in the house are known to reduce overall toxins in the immediate atmosphere and improve air quality. This can especially be useful for those suffering from asthma-like ailments. And for those that do not, they can make that additional step towards a greener and healthier life. When looking for plants, try something manageable that makes the most from non-direct sunlight. For starters, something that requires less maintenance. Since our living room, indoor plants will bask in window-filtered sunlight, we do not have to worry about overexposure. Smaller cacti are all the rage lately because of their resilience and non-demanding nature. If we are looking for something less prickly, Aloe Vera is easy to grow indoors. Also, it has many beneficial medical benefits if used correctly. There is a reason why all moisturizing creams have Aloe Vera in them after all.


2. Decluttering and rethinking

Spring cleaning is upon us! We can open our windows, let the spring air and sunshine in, and see what the winter has left over for us. If we focus on one area at a time it will prove to not be such a dreaded task. Check all the nooks and crannies, empty all the shelves and cupboards and think about what we really need. The general rule of thumb is if we have not used it in the last six months, we will never use it again. Do not be afraid to throw things away, or better yet, sell at a garage sale, or donate to charity. Things that we do not need will only hold us back and take up space that we can use otherwise. Is there something we can rearrange? Make a decision based on priorities, what is essential and what can go behind that nook next to the door that no one notices.

Now, do not buy something new, just yet. Before you do that, try moving and rearranging objects and furniture that you already own. Only then when you are satisfied with the outcome, treat yourself with something new this year. It does not have to be anything outrageous. A coffee table here, an artistic bookshelf there, or even a massage chair. Nothing says spring as fresh furniture. If you invest in a quality massage chair, such as Relax for Life massage chairs, for example, you won’t have to worry about it wearing down anytime soon. The only things that you should keep in your living room, are those that are either useful or beautiful.


3. Textures and patterns

When we are thinking about updating our living room this summer, it is high time to move away from bland walls and wall coverings. Think hard on the colors and patterns that could work well with your environment. Hardwood floors can really bring out that homely sensation of comfort. A fireplace, if one is so inclined, can replace the home media system as the main focal point of the room. A carefully orchestrated panel of textures will create a balanced interior. Add patterned, linen pillows and cushions to bring vibrance to your seating. Wooden shelves and closets work really well with those hardwood floors. Just be sure that if you are combining patterns that they work with each other and do not look odd. If you are feeling particularly adventurous and artistic, patterns can be custom made by you yourself, by playing with paint. This is an entire playground that we all can have a lot of fun in by experimenting and trying out new things.

Now it is the season to let our imagination run free. A little bit of this and a little bit of that, we can update our living space exactly the way we want to. From a simple rearrangement, or small additions to add to our color pallet, the choice is ours. It does not necessarily have to be anything expensive as long it is something that we want and what makes u happy. Try out these tips and make your own living room reflect the new you this spring.

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