How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing in 2020

Do you aspire to know about the methods to make money with affiliate marketing? Well, making money with affiliate marketing online isn’t a five-finger exercise.

You need to put concrete marketing strategies to start earning. If you fail to strategize, you may get lost in no time.

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners.

Let’s get started:

Choose an affiliate product:

Choosing an affiliate product you want to promote is the first and foremost thing you need to do. It is advisable to select a product that has high market value or recurring revenue.

How can you find the products?

You can search for companies that provide their product or services for affiliate programs. Or you can choose affiliate networks that have an assemblage of different affiliate orders. You can search for influencers who are looking for affiliate programs to promote their products.

After the selection of the product, you need to create offers for that particular product. Remember, you have many competitors who are promoting that same product in the market. Therefore, you must create a convincing offer that helps you out beat your competitors and sell the product.

Some tips to create a unique offer for your affiliate product are given below:

Showcase the product:

Study the affiliate product and find out its features. You should know what your product has to offer before endorsing it. It may require a significant amount of time and effort; however,

you need to do it religiously to know the value of the product before selling it out to the people.

Give support:

Whenever people buy a product, they always look for reliable support. Ensure you give trustworthy support to all your buyers. You should be able to help them out with their queries.

Support can be in the form of support groups on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You can also send emails or manage to make phone calls to provide dedicated support to your users. Ensure you are always available when your prospects need you.

Give Offers:

Offers attract everyone. You can plan to give exciting offers to your customers. Persuade them about the benefits of using a particular product. You can announce bonus offers through social channels, videos, or emails. Offers could include free resources, software, subscription benefits, and a lot more. However, don’t spam.

Plan your sales process:

Once you have selected the product and created an offer for it, you need to plan the second process, which is the sales process. How are you going to sell the product?

Choose a platform. It is better to select one platform and then make efforts to sell the product. Once you start getting good results out of it, you can think of switching to other channels.

Facebook is one popular program for affiliate marketing. Here is how you can make money with affiliate marketing on Facebook.

You need to connect with the target audience. Connecting with people in your niche is the best idea, as you can resonate with them easily. Figure out the problems they are facing, what are their expectations. Try to humanise your brand. Let the people know that you are

hearing their concerns and are willing to help. Trust and relationship are the most that count.

Once you encounter people who think you can help them with their problems, give them an offer. Give them some time to make their decision to buy or not.

Connect and converse with people regularly. This is the best way to boost sales and make money with affiliate marketing.

Content is King:

Apart from connecting and building relationships, you need to start posting content regularly. This is the best way to provide information to the people in your niche.

You can decide what kind of content you want to post. Consistency and value should be the two parameters you need to focus on. You can provide them with self-help guides, or promotional content. All the content should have promising Call-to-Actions which convinces the users to take action.

Make efforts to build credibility. You can share useful information such as tips and tricks to do a particular task. You can also share testimonials videos or texts from your existing customers.

Sharing their feedback and responses help you attract a large audience. Social proofs prove wonderful to persuade the people to believe you.  You can also post behind-the-scenes videos and introduce your team to the prospects out there.

Consistency is the ultimate key. You need to be consistent with your efforts, and only then you can achieve success for your affiliate marketing programs.

Be honest. Don’t endorse fake products or use inorganic techniques to promote your products. Black hat techniques may give you overnight success, but you would eventually fail.

Build slowly and strongly. Engage the targets and they will buy from you. Make sure you craft an excellent pitch to close your sales.

Some important facts about affiliate marketing:

How much money can I make with an affiliate marketing plan?

There are no fixed statistics about the same. Initially, you can expect a few hundred dollars, but slowly and steadily you can make a good amount of money. Successful affiliate marketers generate high revenues. This is the best way to get started if you are looking for passive income sources.

How much will it take to generate regular income from affiliate marketing?

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Everything you get started with considerable time and inputs. On average, it can take a minimum of six months if you are working dedicatedly. It may also take a few years to expand your affiliate marketing network.

Which are the best affiliate marketing networks?

Some of the reputed affiliate marketing networks include Commission Junction, Amazon Affiliate program, ClickBank, Clickbooth, JVzoo, and eBay Partners program.

You can also make money on Amazon and YouTube via affiliate marketing. You need to build a dedicated audience base and promote your products.

Do you know any other techniques that can help you to monetise your affiliate network? Share your views. We would love to know more.


You need to start with the above-mentioned techniques and make money with affiliate marketing methods. Put in tried and tested methods. Apart you need to dive deep in this affiliate marketing domain and use all the available resources to fine-tune your marketing tactics and emerge as winners. The people should know who you are, why you are promoting a product, how will they benefit and finally believe in you as a seller.

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