How to Properly Maintain Your Household and Keep It Germs Free

A household can easily become an unhealthy environment if you don’t do the maintenance properly and regularly. Still, even if you do it regularly, it doesn’t mean you are cleaning the household thoroughly. This happens to all of us, so you only need a detailed checklist of items and places you shouldn’t neglect and you won’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning in order for it to be effective.

1. Frequent vacuuming

No matter what, your carpets should be vacuumed twice a week. They easily collect dust, pet dander, fur and crumbs, so make sure you vacuum them regularly. One of the best vacuum cleaners is the one with a HEPA filter, which successfully deals with all types of dirt on the carpets. It’s important to vacuum behind the furniture and other objects in the room because the dirt tends to collect there. To keep the carpets clean as much as possible, always remove your shoes before stepping onto the carpets.

2. Windows and wall

Windows and walls can be a big source of health problems if they are not maintained properly. You should also check them whenever you have your regular spring and fall maintenance of the whole household. It is the surest way to spot moisture and draft on time and do the necessary repairs or replacing the caulking. Cracked windows should also be repaired, and the walls should be thoroughly inspected for any signs of termites. In this way, your regular maintenance of windows will be effective in keeping away germs.

3. Mind the moisture

Moisture in your home can appear as a result of mold and cause many health problems. Not just that – it can attract rodents and insects. So, when cleaning your home, pay attention to leaky pipes or sinks and deal with the problem as soon as possible. Every time you cook or have a shower, use exhaust fans to reduce humidity in the room. If you don’t have any, then open the windows instead. Lastly, in case you have a leaking roof, fix the problem as fast as you can.

Mind the moisture

4. Clean your car

Your car is also a part of your household. If you think about it, you and your family spend a lot of time in your car on a daily basis, so it’s clear why it’s necessary to keep it clean, inside and outside. Washing the car from the outside will remove dirt, dust, and mud. It’s important to use a car-washing soap. Don’t use a dish cleaner or liquid detergent because they could damage the paint and remove wax. Use mitts to gently remove the dirt. Pay special attention to cleaning the car from the inside – after all, this is where you and your family sit. Professional companies like Schmicko mobile carwash know how the inside of the car can be a great source of germs if it isn’t cleaned properly.

5. Don’t neglect air filters

Many people neglect air filtration system in their homes, which is a big mistake – clogged or dirty air filters can lead to serious damage to the whole system, including a fire or a total breakdown. Even if you have a portable air filtration system, its filters can also get clogged or become extremely dirty. So, don’t neglect air filters – you will keep the air clean by simply removing the filters and shaking them until the dirt is removed. In some cases, you can even wash them. Just make sure you clean them once a month.

6. Heating and cooling systems

Both of these systems function by circulating cold and hot air through the whole household. In other words, they can spread germs and pollution throughout your whole home if you don’t clean them regularly. You need to thoroughly clean the vents and to clean or replace the filters in order to be sure that your heating and cooling systems are not damaging to your and your family’s health. While cleaning, you can also do the check-up in order to avoid unexpected breakdowns and to prevent any unnecessary performance losses.

Final words

Keeping your household clean is more than just simple dusting and tidying up, as you can see. There are items we usually forget to clean regularly, so if you have this list in mind, you can be sure your household will be germ-free.

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