How to Save Money with Smartphone Protection Plan

It can occur in a moment. You are walking down the road and choose to make a call. A passing person on knocks your arm and your cell phone slips from your hand. You observe helplessly as it tumbles and bumps on the hard concrete. You brace for the accident and pray for your luck out. Not this time, as your touch screen turns into a spider web of splits.

At this point, you try to recall whether you have purchased a smartphone protection plan or insurance for your affected device. Therefore, you need to know why protection plans are important from a user point of view.

Why Your Smartphone needs a Protection Plan?

As we know, when you buy a new smartphone, it comes with default manufacturer warranty along with it. But what after the default warranty gets terminated.  Therefore, you need to go for smartphone protection plan or insurance. According to the survey, as many as one-third of all users damage their smartphone within the first year. Also, fixing, repairing or replacing them can be expensive. A warranty does not ordinarily cover loss or theft.

Following are some surprising facts about Smartphone Protection plans:

  1. Your deductible could equal the sum you paid for your smartphone

At this moment, you can lease a new smartphone from warranty supplier for $38.60 every month over 18 months. To insure it, you might need to sign up for a third-party smartphone protection plan, which costs $17 every month. But, break that sparkling new phone, and your insurance deductible will be approximately $270.

  1. You don’t need to purchase protection from your carrier.

The wireless carriers are in the business of selling smartphones, not protecting or insuring them. For that, they depend on an outsider, i.e. third-parties. So in case, you’re hoping to switch carrier due to a terrible claims experience, know that you will likely be managing a similar insurer somewhere else.

In any case, you usually don’t need to get a protection plan through your carrier. The companies, such as EverythingBreaks will cover your smartphone against damage and deformities for a small amount of what carriers ordinarily charge.

  1. You have little control on your replacement

If you file a claim, your warranty provider will attempt to give you a replacement of a similar make and model — however, it doesn’t need to. So your new smartphone could be a different shade or type. It probably won’t be new.

  1. You can get dropped from your plan for making a case.

Most protection plan providers cap your claims at two in a 12-month time period. This can be an issue for the especially accident-prone. The trouble here is; those are the people for whom smartphone insurance makes the most sense.

In case you are rough with your phone, a smartphone protection plan is a wise investment. But, the greater part of American adults has never broken or lost a phone, as the study indicates.

Smartphone Protection Plans by Carrier

These fundamental protection options from the carriers cover lost, stolen or damaged cell phones. They do not cover phone glitches; however, carriers regularly offer extended warranties bundled with insurance. The users are ordinarily constrained to two claims in a year time span.

Many smartphones usually accompany a 1-year constrained warranty which can be extended. The warranties cover manufacturing imperfections and equipment malfunctions yet don’t cover harm from accident and misuse. Protection costs you additional every month and encourages you to pay to fix broken screens, liquid damage, and different repairs.

Regardless of whether you are purchasing it outright or bolting yourself into an agreement, a mobile phone can be an expensive investment. Not only are smartphones winding up increasingly costly, yet they are more fragile than the once solid brick telephones of the 90’s period.

Fortunately, there are cell phone warranties and protection plans that help ensure our pockets when we drop our phones and crush the screen, or drop it in the toilets.

Numerous mobile phones accompany a one-year limited warranty when you first get it. This generally just covers:

  • Hardware glitch
  • Manufacturing defects

Limited warranties, for the most part, don’t cover:

  • Accidental harm (counting broke screens and liquid damage)
  • Damage brought about by misuse
  • Damage brought about by modification of the smartphone
  • Damage from third-party components

When you buy a third-party smartphone protection plan it typically covers liquid damage, power failure, battery failures, screen malfunctioning, charging port failures, cracked screen, home button failure, camera failures, etc.

Much of the time, you will have the choice of extending your warranty for a longer period of time, in spite of the fact that it won’t cover unintentional harm and other situations.

If you do need your smartphone repaired under warranty, you will generally need to take your phone to the authorized office and show confirmation of your purchased date.

Final note…

The purpose of buying smartphone protection plan is to protect against the things that a manufacturer’s warranty does not. While the plans will cover you for mechanical breakdowns and faults, it’s of no use if you accidentally damage your device.

Generally, your cell phone will travel with you all over, so it is presented to a wider range of potential problems. You have lots of decisions to wade through. Well, you save more opting with smartphone protection plan. All the plans have a pack of limitations and restrictions, so you have to peruse the terms and conditions carefully.

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