How to Survive a Home Invasion

Every day, there is news all over the world that houses have been invaded and apartments robbed. Now there are plenty of solutions provided by the latest state-of-the-art security that gives homeowners an edge against intruders. However, it is rarely discussed how a victim should react whenever situations like this arise. Keep these strategies in mind if ever you come across a threat like this.

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What Not to Do

  • Don’t Be Passive

This has been one of the significant issues. People tend to freeze and get carried away with their fear. This emotional shock will lead to allowing events to unfold instead of doing something about it. Having your home invaded can get so chaotic, but reacting the right way and tactical thinking may prevent inevitable mishaps. An intruder will most likely go for an easier target. And if you surprise him by acting like you’re not a victim, the intruder will take this as a concern. It is vital in the beginning as it will give a follow-through of what will happen next.

One example is racking a gun behind the door and letting the attacker know that he will inevitably face the consequences if he continues to break in. It doesn’t matter if you want to put action or not. What matters is that the attacker heard the sound of your gun racking the door to feel threatened enough to cancel his plans. As the saying goes, the fear of the unknown is always a great way to motivate people.

  • Don’t Be Naïve

Don’t work your way through life while thinking that certain situations will never happen to you. Acceptance of negative experiences having the possibility to enter your life will probably give you the impression of someone paranoid. But acceptance is also the first step to move on. Acknowledging the fact that you will likely be in a confrontation you didn’t want to be in will keep from entering the passive state. Thus, resulting in more productive outcomes.

As what most men experience, the fear of being physically aggressive is quite more intimidating than the anticipating result. Despite our soft and meaty exterior, we can be surprisingly resilient when needed be. You can’t always avoid conflict. You’ll have to learn when to face them.

  • Don’t Be Cocky

Although you may think you have the upper-hand when you have hidden weapons in your house, it’s still best to try not to get ahead of yourself. Cockiness will lead you to disastrous situations. Unfortunately, this is a known psychological flaw common in young men, especially when they’re intoxicated. If you think you have an inflated ego, make sure to always think before feeding it. You’ll realize after the situation has passed that it was the best thing to do.

  • Don’t Overreach

Similar to cockiness, try not to get overwhelmed with your emotions. If you are the type to react to threats aggressively, you might not realize that you’ve over-invested in the result. The consequence of this reaction is that you might tend to pursue the attacker without thinking of other possibilities. Think about it: your primary job is to protect your home. The intruder runs to the street, and you chase him down without second thoughts. Is there enough guarantee that he is alone? What if he has an accomplice hiding in the shadows, waiting for this opportunity?

Remember, 99% of criminals aren’t suicidal. Which means, if they think their target is not willing to cooperate, they will most probably back off with the thought that you’re not worth the effort. Always prioritize you and your home’s safety. Try not to over-reach only to seek justice or to prove your point. Do what you can to help the police with the investigation by documenting everything. You are under the law, after all. Use it wisely.

  • Don’t Underestimate

Certain movies might say otherwise, but one thing is for sure, criminals are not stupid. They are only driven by motivation and determination that is considered as taboo and immoral by broader society. You will need to accept and set your mindset with what needs to be done in case of an attack. However, a criminal might appear, underestimating them could lead to a regretful lesson. Always wearily perceive threats and keep in mind that with the wrong decision, things can quickly go south.

What to Do

  • Develop a Code

If you live with your family, think of a code that will let them know that it’s time to take action. It doesn’t necessarily have to be unique or impressive. Using “escape” can work just as efficiently, not to mention that it’s straight to the point. Make sure the word is simple and easily understandable, even when whispered or conveyed.

  • Have a Safe Room

The good idea is to have what is usually called a “safe room.” This can be the designated room that everyone immediately goes to in case of emergencies. Make sure to have the place stocked with useful items that will give you the advantage during the fight. One vital thing to have in the room is a phone to call the local authorities. Also, make sure your walls and doors are well-maintained and sturdy– free from bugs and infestations, check out Pestwiki for more home care tips.

  • Keep Your Priorities in Check

Another to keep in mind is to try not to leave the safe room unless you have a plan in mind or it’s completely safe. Resist the urge to become the hero of the day by trying to fight the intruders in a one-man army. Think of the consequences if you fail to take down the intruder and attacks your kids instead. Remember the tip mentioned above: do not get cocky. The best advice, however, is to stay in the safe room until you hear police sirens wailing outside.

  • Fatal Funnel

Create what is called a “fatal funnel.” If you have a gun, get in a position on the corner opposite to the side of the door. With where you are, you will be the last thing the attacker will see as they burst through. As they are trying to assess the room before making a move, you are given ample time to think whether to shoot or not, thus, giving you an advantage. Take a deep breath and do your best not to panic in a situation like this or else you might accidentally shoot the police instead of a wanted criminal.

The main goal of all that is mentioned is to keep a set mindset and not get carried away with emotions. Unlike home security systems that eventually fail is degenerate, your mindset can become your ticket to a way out. Understand that unfortunate events can happen and that they can sometimes be beneficial. Once you’ve done this, you can now approach the situation with an attitude of, “what should be the most logical way to handle this?”

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