Discover the 5 Latest Trends in Wood Trim At Home

You can renovate any home to ensure it reflects your taste and style. It’s very common for homeowners to take on projects at home. In fact, 57% of Australians consider themselves DIYers. That’s despite the strict regulations regarding working with electricity and water.

Keeping up with the latest trends allows you to adjust your home according to current styles and ensures your house has the wow factor. Naturally, this is easier if you’re looking at the available house and land packages. Instead of looking to renovate you can incorporate the latest trends in your home when it is built, which includes the following 5 wood trim options:

  1. Mixing It Up

Mixing colours has become very popular in recent years. This doesn’t mean painting one piece of wood with multiple colours. It does mean using two different shades of wood trim in one room. For example, if you opt for dark wooden posts, perhaps supporting a vaulted ceiling, then keep the wooden floor light.

The contrast looks good and it will help to make the room feel brighter and larger. Having too many dark trims together will make any space feel smaller and gloomier. That’s not an attractive option.

  1. Go Thin Around Doors

Most doors have a trim around them. It enhances the door, hides the fit of the frame and any join lines, and amplifies the appearance of the door. But, the current trend is to keep this trim slim.

It needs to be there but, if you use thick trim, you will make the door the focal point of the room. That’s not a desirable option. Thin trim plays down the importance of the door, allowing you to focus on other items.

  1. Picture Rails

For years picture rails have not been popular. However, they have recently resurged in popularity. The best ones are three-quarters of the way up the wall and provide a great hanging spot for a variety of paintings and pictures.

Again, keep the actual rail thin. It looks better and is easier to remove if you change your mind in the future.

  1. Use Grey

White has been a common option when painting wood as it is clean, simple and enlarges any space. However, currently, wood trends have changed and grey has become the more popular option.

You don’t need to replace all your wood trim, simply repaint it grey instead of white.

  1. Keep your baseboards simple

Baseboards are designed to run around the base of your walls, connecting your walls and floors together. They instantly tidy the space and help it to look finished. However, you should note that current trends dictate baseboards to be as thin and simple as possible.

They serve a purpose but shouldn’t be a focal point in any room.

Don’t forget, it’s your home. As much as it is nice to keep up with the latest trends, you need to create a house that you’re comfortable living in.

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