The Latest Trends Mobile App Developers Need To Know

The mobile apps continue to expand, whereas the new technologies are being introduced to capture the digital world. Furthermore, the mobile app trends are changing over the time as every year comes with something new and trendy for the mobile users. We have seen massive updates like Face ID unlock and fingerprint unlock in the last couple of years. In addition, Samsung and Apple have introduced borderless mobile phones among the smartphone lovers that are still in trend. And, it has resulted in rife interest in the world of mobile app development, especially amongst developers. The trend of mobile app is on boom right now as Android and Apple have introduced new designing tools to make apps more impressive. And, the developers across the universe are eager to adopt these tools to accelerate mobile app development.

Here are some mobile app developments trends that you need to know:

Internet of Things and Wearable Device

2018 has been the remarkable year for Internet of Things devices. The various industries like Automobile, Real Estate, Healthcare, etc, are growing constantly as IoT have made their task easier by introducing non-IT smart equipment via apps. Internet of Things and wearable device are in mobile app trends 2018. Several companies are offering apps for wearable devices such as fitness bands and smart watches. Mobile app developers have made impressive platform to operate devices directly using mobile apps.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has come up with many in-apps features that have made a positive impact on the online businesses. AI chatbots featured app is becoming more popular among the top brands. The big companies are adopting AI apps to make end-to-end communications with the customers. Moreover, the amazing AI apps that are much popular among the smartphone users are Siri, Google Now and Prisma.

Mobile App Security

Mobile phone security is a primary concern of everyone and the developers need to focus on it for a better security. The app maker companies and developers have taken a step up for the mobile app security. Furthermore, Apple and Google have made various changes in the code to make applications secure for a better user experience. Whereas, several top brands have enhanced their security features in their application to make online transaction secure and increased data protection.

AR and VR

Augmented Reality has completely changed the scenario of old conventional games. In the technology era, a number of significant changes have been made in the gaming and entertain world. And, the real-time example of it is Pokémon Game App. Moreover, AR and VR are now in trends and getting huge response from the game lovers. The developers across the world are making VR supportable applications.

Cloud-based App

The cloud based app is also in trend and demand of it increasing rapidly. The cloud technology is robust and being used by the top companies such as Google Drive, Drop Box, Amazon, Facebook, etc. Apart from that, the both Cloud Computing and Cloud-based apps are connected to define BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) methodology, which is yet another trend for 2018 that developers need to know about it.

Mobile Payment

Various banking organizations are using AI to develop virtual assistants (Chatbots) in the mobile banking apps. The other e-commerce brands have adopted advanced technology in their apps to make online payment secure. Moreover, Samsung has introduced an interesting payment system in its device- Samsung Pay, just scan and pay. Apart from this, the other app maker companies are also adding this feature in their mobile apps to enhance customer satisfaction.

UX/UI App Experience

Now-a-days, the user experience is important for every service provider as what exactly you are providing to your users. Moreover, the developers are making user journey impressive by making a perfect user experience. The technology majors like UBER, Apple, Google and Facebook are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance the customer experience across the UI/UX of the app. It is expected that the upcoming year will bring something new to the smartphone users.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a concept of increase loading speed. The project of Mobile Pages Speed is managing by Google in association with Twitter. With AMP, you can notice the enhanced speed of web pages in your smartphone. The concept of AMP has made it more popular among the developers. The user can load a number of pages in just less time without any hassle.

On-demand Apps

The on-demand apps are gaining its popularity from the users. It makes our lives easier than before as the one can quickly book tickets, and order foods in just less time. The on-demand apps have been a game changer and several online business-to-consumer apps are eyeing on the mass market to earn maximum profits.

Enterprise Apps

In the recent time, the enterprise apps have created too much buzz around the world. Content management, customer relationship, business intelligence and data management are the major reasons to have enterprise mobile apps. All these can be done quickly by enterprise mobile apps. Amazon, Adobe and Netflix have their own platforms to provide fast services globally. Flexibility, security and stability are reason of using enterprise mobile app.

Android Instant Apps

Android Instant Apps have been in trend. The users can use app of their choice without downloading it in the device. This is indeed an interesting feature, introduced by Google, which make you able to access the app. Furthermore, the developers and companies are working on Instant apps that will be introduced in Android Instant Apps lineup in the upcoming years.

Cross-Platform Native App Development

Cross-platform is in trend as various companies are targeting Android and iOS to run a single application. Cross-platform native apps, the developers use the same APIs for the both Android and iOS but write code for them in other programming languages that mean one product, same services and two platforms. The demands of cross platform native apps are increasing widely because it is flexible and cost effective.

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