How to Maintain Deep Wave Human Hair Extensions

Deep wave human hair extensions give you soft, sexy curls in an instant. Whether they’re short or long, deep wave extensions add unmatched fullness and body to any hairstyle. With the proper care and maintenance deep wave human hair extensions can last up to two years and provide you with an endless array of hair styling options. No matter your hair texture, deep wave human hair extensions blend easily and provide a wide range of looks that compliment your personal style.

When they are cared for properly deep wave human hair extensions retain their softness and curl pattern, and they look like they’ve just been purchased. When deep wave human hair extensions aren’t well maintained they can lose their curl pattern and become dry, brittle and puffy.

You can keep your deep wave hair extensions looking their best every time you wear them by following a few simple steps to keep them in optimum condition.


Detangling loosens the waves of your extensions and separates even the smallest twists and tangles that might have formed while you were wearing them. Even if your extensions don’t have obvious tangles, it’s important to work your way through them with your fingers or with a styling tool to make sure your waves retain their uniform pattern.

You can detangle your deep wave human hair extensions easily with a paddle brush that has firm bristles. Section your extensions and gently brush from the tip of your extensions up to the root. Take your time and be sure to brush each section thoroughly to release your waves and smooth out your extensions.

Add moisture

After you’ve carefully and thoroughly detangled the hair restore your extension’s deep waves by adding moisture. Adding moisture to your human hair deep wave extensions will cause the waves to snap back into place.

Moisturizing products

There are two ways you can add moisture to your deep wave extensions: moisturizing products or water. Moisturizing products that work well for deep wave human hair extensions include lightweight leave-in conditioners, moisturizers, curl enhancing puddings and other curl defining hair products.

For best results place an amount of product that’s the size of a small coin in the palm of your hand and rub both hands together. Then, gently massage your deep wave extensions from the root to the tip to make sure the product is evenly distributed. You’ll see the waves reappear in your extensions as the product saturates them.


If you choose to moisturize your deep wave extensions with water be sure to saturate the hair completely but be careful not to add so much water that they drip excess water. An easy way to use water to moisturize your deep wave human hair extensions is to use a spray bottle. Fill a spray bottle with lukewarm water and spritz your hair with water until it’s damp.  Follow up with a leave-in conditioner or moisturizing product to seal in the moisture.

To achieve the best possible results do not comb or brush your deep wave human hair extensions after they’ve been moisturized.

Dry your hair extensions

Dry your extensions

After you add water and moisturizing products to your deep wave human hair extensions, they’ll need to dry so that your waves can set. You can let your extensions air dry, or you can use a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment to add even more definition to your waves.

Air dry

Allowing your deep wave extensions to air dry has the benefit of helping your hair stay moisturized for a longer period of time. The downside to air drying your extensions is that it can take a long time for your extensions to become completely dry.  You can air dry your extensions easily by either laying them on a flat surface in a well-ventilated area or by attaching them to a wig head stand.

Blow dry

Blow dry

If you want to dry your extensions right away and enhance the body and bounce of your waves slip on your blow dryer’s diffuser attachment and use the gentle stream of hot air to take your waves to a whole new level. Diffuser attachments restrict the flow of air that exits your hair dryer and concentrates it to set curls in place and enhance their appearance.

After your deep wave human hair extensions are completely moisturized direct the heat that comes through your hair dryer’s diffuser attachment onto each individual section of waves to lock them into place.

Extra hold for your deep waves

After your deep wave human hair extensions are completely dry you’re good to go but if you want extra hold you can apply mouse to your deep wave extensions before you let them dry or a holding spray after your extensions have dried completely to keep your well newly defined deep waves in place.

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