How to Make Money Selling Mobile Apps to Local Businesses

Mobile app development has really turned out to be a million dollar industry in recent times. There are plenty of app developers, both individuals and companies, out there that are making money selling mobile apps to local markets as well as globally. However, selling mobile apps to local businesses is more challenging as compared to selling apps to a more educated global audience. It requires a whole set of marketing skills to convince local businesses to integrate apps into their routine operations for better results and optimization of their routine chores. So, let’s find out how you can make money selling mobile apps to local businesses as an individual app developer or as an app marketer.

The first thing that plays its part in better money making opportunities is the offering itself. Local businesses are often more inclined to buying a few in the price of one. So, it is advised that you should keep your focus to develop an all-encompassing solution that can help the local business in more ways than just one. If you will have several benefits to market, you’ll be more likely to convince the local business owners to buy from you.

Develop A Solution That Can Serve Several Businesses

It is always a great idea to develop a solution that you can sell to several similar businesses. Obviously, you may need to make a few changes here and there to fulfill specific needs of your customers. But sometimes the same solution can fit the needs of all working in the same domain. So, never let this thing slip from your mind while developing the app as it can save you a lot of effort and will generate continuous revenue from repeated sales.

  • Get Your App Featured On The App Store

It should be one of the first few things that you should do for your app. Even if you haven’t done that beforehand, you should at least know how to get your app featured in app store. Sometimes the apps require iOS users jailbreak iOS 9.2, or any iOS version they are using on their device, in order to run the app just because the app is not featured in official App Store of Apple. Remember, that’s never going to work when you are selling your app to local businesses. Nobody is ready to go into all that fuss just to buy your app and use it. So, you should never let them think about other options available to them and take care of this thing beforehand.

  • Sell The Benefits

Now coming to the marketing aspect, you should always try to sell the benefits not the features. If you will keep telling them that your product offers this feature and that feature without giving them the reason as to how a certain feature will benefit them then it won’t do any good to your cause. So, tell them what they are actually interested in and they’d be more than happy to listen to your pitch. Otherwise, you may find yourself out of luck.

  • Don’t Try To Drive The Conversation

When you are pitching your idea to the local business you are reaching out, make sure that you never drive the conversation. Rather let them digest what you are saying to them, think about it, consider all the benefits that your app is going to offer, and then decide for themselves whether they want to take it or not. If you will try to drive their decision then it is very likely for them to simply walk away without even giving it a thought. But if you will let them decide then you stand a good chance to grab their attention and sell your app to them.

So, try these simple tips and start generating continuous stream of revenue selling mobile apps to local businesses. You’ll really have fun along the way!

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