5 Ways a Mascot can Help You Improve Your Brand

In today’s world of business, there are plenty of ways a company can use branding to their advantage. Depending on what your company wants to communicate to customers, mascots can be an effective way to build and promote your company’s brand for many reasons. These are 5 ways a mascot can help improve your brand. 

1)    Branding Your Product 

Mascots are typically known for their fun, creative and human characteristics that help to boost a company’s brand. In this respect, a mascot can be a niche tool as a branding technique. 

The use of unique, individual mascots is a good way of differentiating the products you offer on the market. If you have more than one product, be sure to use a variety of mascots to improve your overall brand when relating to a variety of products. 

2)    Increases Recognisability 

Brands must be instantly recognisable and mascots can help improve your recognisability. Known to be large, bright, bold and colourful, mascots help to put a literal face to the brand. 

Adding a persona to your mascot will help people to relate to your brand easily through your brand character. Bringing your mascot to life will allow your audience to instantly connect to your brand. This in turn will inspire your targeted audience to engage with your brand, so you can then market your brand on multiple platforms.  

3)    Makes Your Brand Unique 

Applying distinction to your company’s brand helps you to stand apart from competitors. Mascots should be original, unique and accessible to be able to give your company distinction in a broad market. 

This mascot brings your products and people together to leave a lasting memory in your audience’s minds. A mascot embodies the spirit of your company to appeal and allure to your prospective customers. 

Whether it’s a community event or an industrial exhibition, mascots boost your presence and grab people’s attention by bringing your audience closer. Having your unique mascot or brand character could entice your new customers and increase your revenue.    

4)    Emotional Connection 

As humans, we often like to assign human characteristics to animals and objects to help us form emotional connections. Ultimately, it’s easier for us to understand them if we have similarities. 

The world of marketing can be a competitive space where other companies are vying for customer’s money, time and attention. A mascot however, with real emotions can help you to cut through the competition and stand out.  

Due to our human tendencies, it becomes obvious why mascots are so effective when considering branding. Be sure to use your mascot to enable your audience to develop an emotional connection with your brand.  

5)    Brings Your Logo To Life 

Logos may have their own function when considering branding but nothing is as effective at bringing your brand to life as a mascot. Often considered more fun and eye-catching, mascots could help breathe life into logos with their lively and humorous personality. 

Your potential audience needs an admirable, relatable character that can become a great distraction for anyone stuck in traffic or bored of seeing the same hoardings. A mascot helps your brand identity to become more visible in order to be able to attract more customers. 

Customers often feel intimidated or distant from a flat, faceless corporate logo. This can be detrimental to engagement between customers and the company. Be sure to implement your mascot to make your brand more approachable and friendly. It’s important to remember however, that a mascot on its own isn’t enough. Your mascot’s story and personality is integral when looking to engage your audience. 

Mascots are perfect brand ambassadors for your company. Whether as social media magnets or a visible character costume at events and exhibitions, an enthusiastic mascot is instantly recognisable and very powerful at promoting your business.

News Reporter