Minimalist Decor is a New Trend for 2024

Old School Intro

History has a funny and interesting way of repeating itself and perpetually bringing back long-forgotten trends and tendencies. If you pay close enough attention, you will notice such instances in almost all areas of interest nowadays. From photos to movies, from fashion to shoes, from music to games, society keeps on coming back to outdated preferences, considered by many “old school” things these days. And while sometimes this happens due to our rebellious nature trying to oppose technological progress, when it comes to fashion and interior design, this is usually due to the undeniable quality and efficiency of our older models of life.

Less Is Always More in Interior Design

The same can be said about the world’s most popular video slot back in the day, the notorious online casinos. Now, after almost 16 years from its initial release, this extremely simple but highly attractive and rewarding Novomatic still dominating among worldwide players’ preferences, threatening to take back the throne in 2020. And you know why? Because that old saying ‘less is more’ is not only a titan among popular clichés but is also true and accurate, regardless of the context.

And what better context than the interior minimalist design trend, is likely to make its huge comeback in 2020? After all, 2019 has been a crazy year in matters of interior design, with brilliant innovations and futuristic settings brought to you by world-class interior design masters. Well, the same experts firmly believe that the interior design minimalist trend is going to govern the public’s preferences in the upcoming year. So, to get ahead of time, let’s find out the main reasons why, as well as some cool and simple interior design ideas.

Minimalist Decor

No Home Without a Bar

For a very long time now, massive wooden or granite bars have been left out of the mainstream of the house decor interiors. Instead, the classic and highly affordable bar cart has been used as a comfortable and decent-enough interior decor alternative. And why not, as it can be easily used to decorate an empty corner, easily transported, and easily hidden when more space is needed.

But this is no longer the case as 2019 is coming to an end, leaving room for an equally minimalist but more holistic approach in matters of interior design ideas.  After all, nothing says “fun house” more than a neatly crafted bar, carefully woven into or in front of your bookcase. And if you’re trying to wrap your mind on how to get into interior design, no task can be as intriguing and captivating as setting up a bar.

Minimalist Style

Minimalism vs. Maximalism

Just by their names, you might be inclined to think that these two distinct decor interiors trends automatically exclude each other. While minimalism is mainly focused on form, functionality, and the whole “less is more” concept, maximalism thrives on the interior design excess, extravagance, and decadence. But if you come to think about it, both these innovative interior decor ideas are all about breaking the traditional rules, each in its own particular way.

Well, that’s no longer the case! The revolutionary minds of interior design masters from all over the world are already working on whole new sets of interior design ideas that mix both of these trends perfectly. The result is a unique new style that perfectly entwines the principles of minimalist interior design with excessive use of patterns, textures, colors, and over-the-top decorations used in maximalism. Thin jaw-dropping interior furniture with minimal forms, but no additional frills, nor any decorative clutter. The result is a pretty exciting mix that uses simplicity to shock… hopefully, in a remarkable way!

Re-Think Your Walls and Floors

If you dig the whole interior minimalist design concept, you should start by re-thinking the colors of its most significant representatives: the walls of your house and the floor. The walls are generally painted very simplistic, in colors such as white or various shades of beige. For contrast, you can have an accent wall, colored in a darker shade, or on which you could apply different wallpaper than the rest of the room. Obviously, the most popular interior design ideas revolve around the light-dark contrast.

As for a minimalist-style floor, it should follow the same theme, denoting simplicity and elegance. The best choice would be the floorboard that mimics wood, while for your bathroom and kitchen, you can use the tiles that closely resemble the rest of the room. Most of the minimalist house decor interiors exclude carpet and rugs, but if you are not ready to do so, you could still go for a simple rug with a clean monotone design. Just make sure that its colors follow the same line as the rest of your minimalist interior design.

Minimalist Interior


And that’s pretty much a wrap on upcoming trends in interior design. When we come to think about it,  it makes sense for the minimalist interior design to make a strong comeback the next year, as the general tendency nowadays is already very focused on decluttering. But let us know you take on this, and if you have any other insights and neat interior decor ideas, please share them with us!

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