On-Page Optimization: Rewriting Beginner’s Guide To SEO

You are probably well-aware of the ways in which target market is searched for your business growth. Now, the time is to dive right into the field of on-page optimization and practice ways to craft some new pages, which will answer the questions of searchers correctly. On-page SEO is mainly termed out to be multifaceted and extends beyond the basic content and into other things like Meta tags and schema. There are so many other parts involved in this step too, but the major one over here is to create content!

Creating your content:

Online market is proud to offer you with multiple information on best ways to create content but it is rather hard to come across one that you might like. Mostly, if you are a novice, creating content can be a tough job for you. Well, not anymore when you will get step by step guidance from experts from Tayloright all set to help you throughout the process, right from the scratch till end.

Apply the keyword research:

There are multiple methods available for discovering how the prospective audience is searching for content. So, the time has come to put research into practice now. For that, you just have to follow a basic outline for your keyword research.

  • You might have to survey keywords and then group the same with some similar intent and topics. Those groups will turn out to be your pages rather than just creating individualized pages for every form of keyword variation.
  • If you have not done that already, then it is time for you to evaluate SERP for each one of the keyword or even group of keywords for determining the format and type of content that needs to be here. Some of those ranking pages’ characteristics will take note of some points. Are these images or videos heavy? Do you have a long form or short content? Can you format the content in bullets, lists or paragraph?
  • Later, you have to ask yourself about the unique value, which you can use for making page better than pages, which are currently gaining some ranks for the keywords chosen.

With the help of on page optimization, you can always turn research into valuable content that you audience will definitely fall for. Just be sure to not fall into trap of any low-valve tactic, which might end up hurting more than helping you.

Some of the low value tactics to forget and avoid:

It is mandatory for the web content to be there for answering queries of searchers and guide them through site. It is a perfect way to help them understand the purpose of your site. Content should never be created for any purpose of ranking quite high in search alone. Ranking is always about the end, which will be used for helping searchers. If you ever put cart before horse, you risk falling deep into the trap of some low valuable content.

Dealing with thin content:

It is rather common for websites to have unique pages and on various topics. Then you have older content strategy, which is designed to create page for every single form of iteration of keywords to rank on the number one page for highly specified queries. An example might help you get a grip of it. In case you are selling bridal dresses, you will create individual pages for each dress even when each page is practically stating the same thing.

  • A similar tactic for local business is to create various content pages for each region or city, from where they are planning to get clients. These geographical based pages can often have the same or similar content, with location name being only unique factor.
  • Such tactics are not that helpful for users so why do you think publishers went for it? Google never always seem to be that good as it is today to understand relationships between phrases and words. So, if you are planning to get a ranking at page 1 for the bridal dress but only has one page settled for wedding dress that might not have cut it.
  • This practice actually created multiple low quality and thin content across web, which Google started addressing with its 2011 update, Panda. This form of algorithm update will definitely penalize low quality forms of pages, which will result in some more quality pages, taking top spots of SERPs. Google then starts to iterate on this procedure of just demoting low content and promoting some of the higher ones today.

Google is rather clear that you might have comprehensive form of pages on topic without focusing more towards creating multiple yet weaker pages for each keyword variation.

Dealing with duplicate content:

As you can understand from the team itself, “duplicate content” mainly refers to content, which is shared right between domains or multiple pages of single domain.Then you have the “Scraped” content, which is a point to check it which will definitely talk about unauthorized use of the content from one single section to other forums. This task might comprises of taking and then republishing content as its original form, or just modifying the content slightly before republishing it, without adding any form of originality from your side.

There are so many legitimate reasons for the cross-domain or internal duplicate content. So, Google might sometimes encourage use of rel=canonical tags, which will point right to original content of the web. You might not have to know about this tag as of now, but the main thing over here is that the content needs to be unique in word and also in value.

Focusing on cloaking:

Basic tenet of SEO guidelines is showing same content to crawlers as shown to human visitors. It means you must never hide content in HTML code of website, which visitors fail to see. Once you break the guideline, it is called “cloaking,” which will head towards action to prevent such pages from ranking in search engines.

For further information I would recommend listening to the following podcast on SEO On-page fundamentals.

Being sure of these points is crucial if you actually want to deal with the content. For some more details in this regard, log online and things will act in your favor.

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