Refurbished iPhone or Brand-New iPhone: Which one is an Ideal Option for You?

It is really very surprising that although iPhones are expensive, still people buy iPhones. The people who can’t afford a brand- new iPhone handset either they wait for years till the price of that model lower or they just buy used iPhones instead. Yes, it is a true fact that many people dream of having an iPhone but because of the higher price of Apple handsets, their dreams don’t get wings. Now, this will no more be a big problem. Yes, it is true, now all your dreams of having an iPhone will come true. It is possible because of the refurbished iPhones that have been come in the market. Most of the people are unaware of the refurbished iPhones that are available there in the market nowadays.

So, what are the refurbished iPhones?

Refurbished iPhones are also the used iPhone but with the same quality as that of the brand- new ones. Besides having the same quality as that of a new one, you can purchase them at a very lower cost than that of new ones.

Have a look at the various differences between both the refurbished and new iPhones!!!

Features of brand- new iPhone

  • Most of the brand- new iPhones come with the 1 year of warranty.
  • Brand new Apple iPhones come with the white box packaging.
  • You will receive an unopened device in your hands.
  • All the parts of the iPhone will be brand new.

Features of used iPhone

  • Refurbished iPhones also comes with 1 Year warranty.
  • Refurbished iPhones contain a new body as well as a new battery.
  • It has been passed through various rigorous testing before the delivery.
  • Device packaging might have opened before.

The gorgeous design and the features included in iPhones had made them very popular among all. Are you still confused whether you should buy a new iPhone or a refurbished iPhone? If yes, have a look at the various advantages that you will get when you will purchase a refurbished iPhone instead of buying a new one.

Refurbished iPhones are cheaper

The biggest benefit which you will get by buying a refurbished iPhone is that refurbished iPhones are much cheaper than that of the new ones. You can purchase a refurbished iPhone at half of the price of the original one. However, it is not always the case, the cost of the refurbished iPhone can be higher than half of the price. Still, it is a great opportunity to save higher bucks if you choose to buy a refurbished iPhone rather than buying a brand new one.

Refurbished is not a synonym of used iPhones or second-hand iPhones

Although no one can deny the fact that the refurbished iPhone is also a used iPhone but used iPhone or second-hand iPhone is not a synonym of the refurbished iPhone and there is a lot of the reason behind this. The biggest one is the quality, in case of refurbished iPhone, you will get the same quality as that of the new one because the most trusted brand, Apple pass it through various rigorous testing and then fixed it, if there is a need before the delivery of the product. So, you can’t say that the refurbished is a synonym of the old or used iPhones.

Other than this, you will get the warranty with refurbished iPhone, a new battery and sometimes new body as well. So, there are a lot of reasons that both refurbished iPhone and used iPhone are different.


Apart from a reason that the refurbished iPhone does not come in an attractive box, there is no reason to waste a higher amount of money on the brand-new iPhone. Because whether you buy a brand new or refurbished one, you will get the same quality in both. And there is no risk associated with it, when you buy a refurbished iPhone because it comes with the warranty and if you find any problem, Apple will fix it.

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