Secrets to Always Have a Clean House

Don’t just love the feel of a sparkling clean house? You don’t even have to clean your house for visitors and other outsiders; you do it for you and your comfort. There’s something about coming from a hectic day at work to a clean home that you can relax in and invite some peace of mind. Unfortunately, cleaning a house and maintaining its spotless state is often easier said than done. You probably have a million different things to do, and cleaning your house doesn’t take a priority spot on the list. Perhaps you’ve tried maintaining the cleanliness in your home, but immediately you are done, your kid just waltzes in with muddy shoes and ruins all that hard work. So, you postpone cleaning until it becomes catastrophic all over again. Don’t worry; we understand this frustration. This piece will guide you through some secrets that maintain your home’s cleanliness.

When is the ideal time to start cleaning?

If you are working full-time, you probably find it hard to find adequate time to deep clean after piling up dirt in your home. The first secret to maintaining a clean home is finding time to give your house all the attention and effort it needs. Nowadays, work, school, or raising kids can drain your time and energy so much that the little time left is often allocated to resting and relaxing. Unfortunately, there are no two ways of solving this problem. You might want to look at your schedules and find a day within the week that you are entirely free.

For instance, if you work from Monday to Friday, you could pick either Saturday or Sunday as your deep cleaning days. You don’t want to start digging into the dirt and leave it halfway sorted because your boss called in and asked you to show up at the office. Remember, there is no space for procrastination once you begin these steps. Take a look at what needs to be cleaned and allocate adequate time for each task.

How do you create a cleaning routine?

This is an entire process all on its own. A cleaning schedule typically is a weekly, daily, or monthly plan on how your plan to clean your home. After setting the ideal time to clean your home, begin creating a cleaning schedule using the following steps.

  • Determine the length of your schedule- how much time do you have allocated for cleaning your house? Will it be daily for an hour? Or weekly for four hours? It all depends on you.
  • Write down your tasks- go through your house and detail all the tasks required to convert your house into a clean space. Whether it’s organizing, dusting, clearing clutter, or vacuuming, ensure that you list them all down.
  • Assign certain tasks to specific times- we recommend starting your tasks from hard levels to more manageable levels. You would rather begin with the hard tasks while you still have the energy to go on. Assign the duties to a specific time when you know you’ll be available.
  • Assign the tasks if possible- if you can outsource some help, go for it. Let your kids help out where they can to make things easier and more manageable.
  • Stick to your schedules faithfully- procrastination will have to be your worst enemy here. Stick to your mission at all costs. If you happen to get behind on your created cleaning schedule, forgive yourself and squeeze another day for your cleaning duties.

How do you keep your house clean all the time?

Keeping your house clean 24/7 for 365 days seems like a hurdle, right? It doesn’t have to be with the following tips.


Having a lot of unnecessary things lying around everywhere in your house is the main culprit of untidiness. Consider organizing your rooms and taking out anything that seems unnecessary. Declutter by going from room to room with a garbage bag picking everything you no longer use. Separate the clutter into items for disposal and those for donation. It goes a long way to making cleaning easier for you.

Put things in order after use

This is another often overlooked practice that will help you maintain cleanliness in your home. Once you are done eating, take the dishes to the sink, wash them, and return them to their rightful place. After reading a book, take it back to the shelf. Tiny piles gradually turn into huge messes.

Clean one room at a time

Tackle one problem at a time before moving on to the next. Some organization goes a long way into preventing a bigger mess.

Get rid of messes immediately

Did you accidentally pour some milk on your floor? Clean it immediately to avoid piling up your cleaning duties.

Stick to your created schedule

Don’t underestimate the power of sticking to a good habit. With time, you’ll get used to it and end up with a clean home all the time.

How often should you clean your home?

This is a common question among people looking to maintain high standards of cleanliness in their homes. Should it be once a week? Every day seems like a little too much, maybe? Perhaps less than that? For some of us, this weekend might be the first time you gave your house a deep clean since the Easter weekend. There is no definite answer to this. Your home probably accumulates a lot of dirt due to heavy human traffic from family and friends. If that’s the case, you might want to clean your home frequently.

Items such as bed sheets and duvet covers should be washed at least once a week. It’s also wise to vacuum your home every three days or at least once a week. Your toilet and bathroom furnishings deserve some scrubbing. Consider cleaning them thoroughly at least once a week. Dust your home weekly to avoid dust accumulation. Generally, no one solution fits all. Take a look at how well you maintain its cleanliness and choose how often it should get a good scrub.

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