Self-Developed Tools Adapting to Cybersecurity Changes

How can you protect yourself in cyberspace?

You’ve probably heard of companies that have reported manipulation of their systems. They further got drastic changes from how they usually operate that led to massive losses and a stub to their reputation. Cybercrime is linked to a network and a computer. Some of these crimes might be minor such as slight changes on a profile, while others can be severe, such as damaging the reputation or money laundering.

The past cases of these crimes, and good examples of why cybersecurity training is essential, include

  • eBay – All the company’s users got a breach of their passwords between February and March 2014
  • A group of hackers compromised Yahoo – 1 billion accounts in August 2013
  • Equifax – Not only did it suffer reputation damage, but a massive theft incident cost them numerous lawsuits from millions of users
  • Adult Friend Finder – Hackers accessed 20 years of data from the site that include users’ confidential information.

Things that Contribute to Increase in Cybercrime

Some factors contribute to an increase in cybercrime cases. These are things to watch out for, primarily if your company deals with clients’ personal information or a large sum of money. Some of these factors include

  • An increase in the exposure of identity info to the web through club services
  • Cybercriminals have invented new tricks and sophisticated methods of operation. They have different targets, and they damage organizations in multiple ways.
  • The weakness in social engineering in the form of phishing, spyware, and ransomware which give entry access to hackers
  • The nature of distribution on the Internet
  • The profitability ratio on the dark web.

Impacts Caused by Cybercrime

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Although cybersecurity laws protect companies, if hackers find their way around your security, you’re in for a huge surprise. As mentioned earlier, either of the companies can serve as an example of the kind of impact a cybercrime can have on a company. Just to mention a few, here are some of the possible results that your company can face:

  • Reputation – If the company providing you with cybersecurity services is not competent enough, you stand a chance to lose your reputation. No one would want to work with a company that cannot protect itself or its users from potential external harm.
  • Financial position – Some cybercriminals are there for the money. You can experience significant losses if you come across such hackers who purposely drain your accounts. Most of these cases are usually personal as the criminals hold to some past, and they want to pay back for what you did to them.
  • Legalities – You’ll be subject to many lawsuits if your company goes through such an experience. Your clients will report you for not honoring your terms to protect their personal information from any potential exposure to external parties.
  • Sales – Your clients and users will run away from you, and if you’re an online store, people won’t order things from your platform. The scare of potentially having someone monitoring you and your details, including your accounts and card information, will push them away, thus decreasing sales.
  • Server – Some hackers just come in to corrupt your site or profile to eat you from inside. They stick around to send random critics in posts and post things that you don’t stand for. That disrupts your regular proceedings and the entire site and company.


The correct cybersecurity definition is protecting your computer (both software and hardware), data, and any internet-connected systems from cyber threats. It is the act of providing a barrier to block hackers from unauthorized entry to access your information or that of your customers. These measures are taken to ensure that computerized systems and data centers are free from any manipulation.

Cybersecurity companies are all over to ensure that they come in handy to provide their employers’ safety. The cybersecurity industry has attracted many clients with Mr bet and others attempting to protect their servers from potential cybercrime. So before we can head to the tools that you can make good use of, how about we consider the importance of cybersecurity?

Importance of Cybersecurity

It’s necessary to employ the top cybersecurity companies if you want to be at ease with the hacking going on. Some of the issues to concern you include:

  • Protection of data
  • Freedom from lawsuits and cases
  • Maintenance of your rapport
  • Consistent and loyal customers
  • Noticeable growth of the company
  • Earning trust and reliance from clients.

Cybersecurity Tools to Use

There are some great tools you can use to protect yourself on the web

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You can use different ways to ensure that you protect your company from cybercrime. You first need to employ a third-party cybersecurity analyst to tell you of your security levels before deploying any plan. After you have concrete information of where you need to make changes, then you’re good to go!

It’s essential to consider that there are things that you should do, and that’s where you introduce these tools. They serve different purposes to ensure there is an overall scan of your server and complete protection. These tools include:

  • Network security monitoring tools – Monitor your network to see if any loopholes can welcome any network corruption.
  • Encryption tools – Deal with renewing the algorithms that keep information secret from public access. They are to ensure that data is safe and free from exposure.
  • Web Vulnerability Scanning tools – Meant to scan and identify any strange changes on the web that might affect the company’s site.
  • Network Defense Wireless Tools – A supportive tool to the network security monitoring, network defense wireless tools offer wireless network security to an operating system.
  • Packet Sniffers – Also referred to as pocket, network, or protocol analyzer, is meant to monitor network traffic.
  • Antivirus Software – These are the most commonly known means of cybersecurity, and they work for preventing any viral infection to a computer.
  • Firewall – This tool monitors and filters any outgoing and incoming network traffic concerning a company’s security policies. It provides the barrier between untrusted and trusted networks.
  • PKI Services – Deal with delivering the certificates via the Secure Sockets Layer to be used with web-accessed applications.
  • Managed Detection Services – Tools that sound the alarm if there is any cybercrime threat and provides the best call of action.
  • Penetration Testing – Tests how solid your systems are against the moves made by hackers. It gives you results of your security level.


Let’s be frank here: no one would wish to be hit with a cybercrime. Not only will the impact take you miles behind the progress you’ve made over the years, but even the confidence in your IT department will shutter once a group of hackers has outsmarted them. It’s easy to just hear of other companies’ experiences, but if you don’t stay alert, you might as well fall victim.

How secure is your company from cybercriminals? What cybersecurity tools are you using? Are your measures effective? Leave a comment.

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