9 Steps to Starting a Successful Business in Your 20s

What makes a business successful? Is it a keen understanding of the business world and all its intricate inner workings? Does it have the right support staff to handle any problems that might arise? Or is it just the drive and dedication to making your business precisely what you dream it to be and never backing down, even when things get tough?

All of these are a part of the formula, but only a part. Actually, the thing that most entrepreneurs who have attained top status as a success story say it is a myriad of things, all starting at the first rung of a ladder, or staircase, or whatever metaphor works for you, in the steps to take your venture from concept to grand opening.

Successful Entrepreneurship: The Life Model

Think of your venture as a romance. First, think of what you want to do as a collection of successful business ideas. This is the meet and greets with many potential partners. Next comes the wine and dine. In this courtship, we find the investors and the infrastructure. Then comes marriage. That is making the first dedicated plan, implementing it, and sticking to it.

But wait, what if you want to do multiple entities simultaneously? Then, just like in a marriage, you are spreading your attention too thin and thus ignoring your first interest. That is usually when she leaves, and your initial venture starts to fail. Anyone who has a head for creating a company will tell you, start one, get it solvent, then move on.

This is a partnership between you and your venture. If you don’t put in the work, it fails, and so do you, just like a relationship. You have to trust that it will succeed. You have to trust your staff to do their best work and communicate effectively when they are slipping. Trust, hard work, communication. Not a hard formula.

Follow the Steps

There are plenty of successful business books, and they are excellent guides as a blanket concept for most businesses. Still, like the human body, no matter how similar you might be to another person, no two businesses are alike. And it doesn’t matter if you are starting a successful business on Instagram or a simple lemonade stand, the steps still apply if you want to succeed.

Here are the steps to get your successful business off the ground:

1. Knowledge is still Power

Everyone wants what you have, and the only way to be the best and keep what you have worked so hard for is to always be the smartest person in the room. Never stop learning. As things progress in your field, always be hungry for new information.

2. People Needing People

Anyone who says networking is a useless skill is a fool, and they are doomed to fail. Or they are independently wealthy. Since new entrepreneurs are neither, get out there and meet the people. Investors, customers, marketers, all of them will help get you the exposure you need.

3. Listen and Care

In business, it is less about quid pro quo and more about how you can help them. So, instead of immediately going for the hard sell and possibly scaring them away, open your ears and shut your mouth at the first meeting. Find out what they need and why. It will build a better relationship than just a lot of small talk.

4. Welcome to Branding

You NEED an online presence. It is not only one of the more critical successful business tips, but one of the hard and fast successful business rules to get ultimate access and exposure. People are more likely to find you online than any other way. So, build your world, assert your brand, and welcome the wave of new interests.

5. Be the Big Fish

Who fears a lion? Or perhaps a shark? In business, the meek inherit nothing but the strong rule the show. So, always lead your industry as if you are the top dog, even if you aren’t. The ship captain never says, “I don’t know,” even if he doesn’t. Never show weakness and always sit at the head of the table.

6. Not Getting Any Younger

We all are born, we live, and we get old. And a new generation comes in to take over. Don’t fear the next group of hungry newcomers. They know things and can be very helpful when dealing with their generation and all the quirks.

7. Don’t Work, Ever

We know what you are thinking. What? I thought this was to make me a successful operator. This is just reminding you that even though it is a job, it should also be fun. And as the cliché goes, if you have fun and love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. See where we were going with that?

8. Ignore the Naysayers

Some people have impressive degrees. Some tried and failed at their venture. Some are just bitter and lazy. Ignore all of these people. They want you to be as miserable as they are. You don’t need that negativity.

9. Don’t Settle

If you do want to have a few successful businesses, or a few dozen, allowing yourself to get complacent or just quit after the first one will eventually lead you to a place of lethargy and apathy. Keep pushing to grow, evolve, and to take your interests to a new level. Only you know the extent of your destiny.


There are tons of successful business examples on the net. Lookup a few. Read about a successful businessman in your field of interest. Many of them started their successful business without investment capital and are now on the Fortune 500 list. Do you have an idea that can become a profitable venture?

Author’s Bio:

Emily Moore has followed most of these rules, and her interests are on the upswing. She isn’t quite ready to join the elite but looks forward to that day. Emily always follows the famous businessman and their achievements. She wishes to make a wonderful life for herself and her loved ones while becoming a captain in her entrepreneurial enterprises.

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