Top 10 Tools Must have for Homeowners

Homeowners need to have tools on hand. It is common it the home to fix or repair something. If you have these must-have tools at home, then you can save yourself the trouble of calling a builder out every time you need something. Each tool represents something different, and each one will come in handy around the home. If you just start as a new homeowner or you have owned your home for years, think about investing in these must-have tools.

  1. Pipe Wrench

Pipe Wrench

A new pipe wrench is a tool which you need for all your plumbing needs. They are used on water pipes and heating pipes. They are made of cast steel and is an inexpensive item which you may require. If you have a pipe burst under the sink or you need to change a tap, then this is a well worthy investment.

  1. Screwdriver Sets

Screwdriver Sets

Every homeowner should have a set of best screwdrivers in their toolbox. A good screwdriver set will have around ten various screwdrivers in it. Make sure you get ones which have a gripped handle to make for ease of use. Most good sets come with screwdrivers of different sizes and check to see if the Phillips head screwdriver is included as this is a must. This simple set of tools can help you put furniture together and put up shelves for all the other DIY jobs around the home. Don’t forget that you won’t be able to fix electrics around your home without a set.

  1. Hammers


This is a tool which you probably have sitting around the house somewhere. A hammer or two is a must have. With a hammer, you can force impact onto an object, get rid of nails, put nails into something and even break up objects. Look for a hammer that has a gripped handle and is made of a dense metal head. The best ones are heavy. They come in various sizes so buy a smaller one and a larger one because both will come in handy for something.

  1. Tool Box

Tool Box

Don’t forget the trusty toolbox. If you invest in all these nifty tools, then you need somewhere to put them. Plus, a toolbox can be locked up and kept in the basement in the garage and then when you need a tool everything is organized in one simple place. A toolbox will keep all your tools safe as well, and they will last longer and be protected from various elements. Toolboxes come in different sizes and even colors. Most good tool boxes will have a lock, a handle and various compartments where you can keep screws, nails, and tools.

  1. Tactical Utility Knife

Tactical Utility Knife

A tactical utility knife will get all those jobs done that a normal knife won’t. Most types of these tactical knives have replaceable blades which are handy in case you blunt them quickly. Before you spend your cash for a knife, you need to ensure that you get what you require in your new tactical utility knife. Some of the popular company names out there include: CRKT, Gerber, Cool Steel, Smith & Wesson and Swiss Army.  Now, you can easily look through these brands and find the perfect tactical knife for you. Again, look for the most expensive ones with gripped handles and strong metal blades.

  1. Flashlight


A flashlight will come in handy in most situations. They come in different sizes, makes colors and prices. Most are battery powered, but you can also purchase solar powered or wind-up flashlights. A flashlight is perfect to use when the power goes out, to look under sinks, on the roof, and the basement and you will find you need one more than often.

  1. Socket Wrench Set

Socket Wrench Set

Ratchet and socket wrench sets aren’t expensive but are a must-have for every homeowner. This tool is used for tightening or loosening nuts and bolts. As well as being utilized in the home this is a must-have if you own a car. Some sets have more fittings than others, but the best ones have twenty to thirty pieces in a set including a ratchet and a wrench. These sets come in a compact box for easy organization and ease of use.

  1. Pliers


Pliers are used to getting a good grip on objects and to hold things firmly in place while you fix them or repair them. Buy two or three pairs in various sizes to have in your toolbox. Good pliers will have cushioned gripped handles and are designed to be easy to use.

  1. A Digital Measurement Tape

A Digital Measurement Tape

In our everyday utility task, we have to measure different types of thing. A digital measuring tape helps to find out the length of an object rapidly and record and convert the information in versatile purpose. The digital tape has lots of feature rather than traditional tape. I can convert the measuring info into different units.

  1. Safety Glasses/Goggles

Safety Glasses/Goggles

When you are doing any outdoor or indoor utility task and using any tools then safety comes first. In that case, eyes are the most sanative part of our body. So to protect the eyes you must need the goggles. A safety glasses or goggles are a tool that is used to protect the part surrounding the eyes to prevent from water, particulates, or chemicals.

Must-Have Tools – Making the Investment

These must-have tools for every homeowner can make a big dent in your bank account if you buy them all at once. Try buying one or two items every month until you have filled up your toolbox. Always go for well-known brands like Stanley. These are reliable, have great consumer reviews, aren’t too expensive and offer lifetime warranties on most of their products. Most homeowners have spare tools as well set to one side. Make the investment in these tools as a homeowner because you never know when you might need them.

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