Travelling with Your Dog: 10 Tips

Travelling with your dog is always an incredible experience, helping to strengthen your bond and providing you with some truly unforgettable memories. It always helps to be prepared when travelling with your dog, so here are 10 tips to make things go smoothly:

Plan ahead

When travelling with your dog, it always helps to plan most of your journey. This could be the location, method of transport, or even planning stops for a toilet break. Other things to plan out in advance include places to visit, nearby vets, and if there are any dog parks to visit.

Make time for regular stops

Dogs will need to go to the toilet during travel, so always take this into consideration when travelling by car. For every four hours of travel, it’s a good idea to take a 15-minute pitstop to let your dog go to the toilet and stretch their legs – it will make the entire journey much easier for both of you.

Bring a crate if possible

Travelling with a crate makes long journeys much safer for your dog. Not only that, but it may be a suitable place for them to sleep if you are staying somewhere for a few days, offering a comfortable and familiar location that should put them at ease.

Always pack supplies

Just like we pack travel supplies for ourselves, it’s a great idea to pack one for your dog too! Food, water and bowls are a must, but also think about adding some toys, protective clothing (especially if its cold), blankets etc.

Think about travel sickness

Many dogs suffer from travel sickness, especially during long bouts of travel, so be sure to plan ahead for this if your dog might be susceptible. Feed them about two to three hours before you travel, and offer minimal food during long the trip – take some ice cubes for a refreshing snack that can’t be gulped down too fast.

Keep them away from the window

Although the sight of a dog hanging out a car window and taking in all the sights and smells is amazing, it’s not the safest for the dog, so should be avoided. They can accidentally get hurt from debris and the cold air can cause some illness, so it’s best to avoid this when travelling by car.

Give them lots of exercise before travelling

Going for a nice long work or an additional play session is always a great idea when travelling with your dog, as it should tire them out and prevent them from having any pent-up energy during travel. The same goes for when you finish travelling, as they probably have a lot of energy built up.

Get them used to long distance travel

Many dogs are new to long distance travelling, so if you plan on travelling far with your dog, it’s a good idea to prepare them for it. The easiest way to do this is to take them on several practice runs, gradually increasing the duration of each drive to get them better accustomed.

Bring your own water

Bringing bottled water along for your dog is important, as there is a chance he may not react well to different water. The last thing you want for your dog is to be suffering from tummy issues, so always bring your own supply of water to be safe.

Never take your eye off them

Now, most dog-owners travelling with their pet will know to keep an eye on them at all times, but it’s easy to forget amid all the excitement. Make sure they are always on a leash no longer than 6ft, as they can easily get distracted from all the new smells!

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