Understanding AdMob Account Suspensions Due to Invalid Traffic?

As technology has made developments, the constant cyber problems are cropping up. These days, invalid traffic has become a nuisance for advertisers and agencies. It can be defined as fraudulent activities made to gain popularity for an online business.

These activities may include pop-ups, fraud clicks, and bots. Basically, it is all about any promotional or interactive activity not conducted by real users being.

The problem is that such invalid activities can lead to the suspension of AdMob accounts.

Not just this, there seems to be a reduction in the revenue percentage of the publishers. It is better to avoid malpractices by driving invalid traffic.

This may sound fruitful in the first run. But, the company can fall into trouble with its AdMob account. Along with this, there could be a threat to the future progress of the company as well.

In this technology-oriented world, it is important to conduct ethical business promotions for long-term profitable results.

AdMob is an excellent free platform allowing the users to earn profits by exhibiting target-based advertisements with the app content.

In fact, the best part of showing ads on the AdMob platform is that relevant ads can be used to match the advertisement to the app and make it engaging.

This is the reason that the AdMob platform has become popular for promoting business without much difficulty.

What Leads to Invalid Traffic?

Any invalid practice will certainly give quick profits. But, it will not be beneficial in the long run because unethical practices are harmful to the overall growth of the business.

In this matter, intrusive advertisements are one of the prominent reasons. When the advertisements are pushed by the exhibitor, the user will click on the ad to see its content.

Apart from that, incentivized clicks, repeated clicks, malicious promotional practices, and the use of automated tools can be some more reasons.

These factors can lead to serious problems for your business in the future. It is necessary to ensure that everything goes properly to avoid any intrusions.

All the above-mentioned factors lead to the generation of invalid traffic.

Impact of Invalid Traffic on AdMod Account

Google AdMob tracks its account users and has the authority to suspend any account on experiencing invalid traffic. This can happen without prior notice or pay-out.

By suspension, it means that publishers cannot display the ads further. After this, the remaining pay-out is adjusted as a loss bearing to the advertisers.

The account is suspended for 30 days, leaving publishers with nothing but a reson to find the root cause of the problem. Also, the user can rectify such errors within the stipulated time.

One thing that you should take care of is the suspension of account cannot be pleaded. By this, it means that the decisions made by the authorities have to be abided by. As soon as the validated traffic is generated, the account gets started again.

What Happens When an AdMob Account is Suspended?

  • The AdMob account can be completely disabled or suspended for the time being.
  • Restrictions are imposed for a specified time on displaying advertisements, meaning very low match rate and eCPM
  • Profits earned from invalid traffic will be reduced from the publisher account and given to the advertisers.
  • The exhibitor cannot use any other Google-based solutions after the AdMob account gets suspended or disabled.

Dealing with Restricted AdMob Account

When the AdMob account gets suspended or restricted, the company must opt for finding the source of invalid traffic.

After finding the source, it is necessary to make amendments and prevent them from bringing more invalid traffic. As the source is found and rectified, your AdMob account will be restored without any difficulty.

The idea of using an AdMob account is to ensure that the ads get proper exposure and the company gets its due growth.

As AdMob is a profitable platform, all you need to do is make an account in the first run. Followed by this, you need to fill in bank details and let Google know about possible suggestions for ads.

After doing so, you need to verify your account and select the type of ad required to be exhibited. Then, you can integrate your app with the GMA SDK and the created ad units to function methodically. Finally, you can create your app to display ads and start running it for monetization.

Avoiding Invalid Traffic to AdMob Account

There are different methods by which a publisher can avert invalid traffic. Some of such methods to take care are:

  1. By considering the specialized user base, it is necessary to offer a planned and brilliant experience to the users.
  2. It is better to ensure that advertisements are not exhibited misleadingly.
  3. Contrive advertisements on the app in liaison with the Google AdMob’s guidelines.
  4. It is advisable to the publishers that they should not click on the live ads for the sake of testing.
  5. It is necessary to specify the app traffic, and its distinctive users, and keep an eye on the users’ behavior.
  6. You should be assured about the partnerships or third-party amalgamations.
  7. Exploring different ad formats and implementing them methodically will help in avoiding accidental clicks.

Ensuring AdMob Account Does Not Suspend

In this technology-oriented world, it is necessary to ensure that everything goes smoothly on the business platform.

When it comes to advertisements, the exhibitors should ensure that nothing goes wrong with their work process to avoid suspension of the AdMob account. In this regard, numerous ways can help in avoiding such suspensions.

First of all, you should never click on your advertisements. In this way, there won’t be any duplication of traffic.

Along with this, it is necessary to ensure that advertisements give proper information and do not mislead the viewers. Not to forget that using unauthorized traffic sources is prohibited for the effective functioning of the account.

Finally, it is the work of experts that should be allowed to deal with the AdMob account.


AdMob is a free ad-based platform where different advertisements can be exhibited to ensure better business for the companies. But, the exhibitor must use ethical ways of promotion and nothing unethical.

The reason is that using such practices will result in the suspension of the account for a month. In this one month’s time, you can find the source of the problem and rectify it to allow the proper functioning of your AdMob account.

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