Understanding the Value of a Beautiful Smile

Smiling is considered to be the most powerful human gesture and it’s more than just expressing joy and amusement, with or without teeth showing. Just think of Mona Lisa and the debate her mysterious smile caused over the centuries. From a psychological point of view, smiling is layered and complex, highly dependable on the context, and can be a powerful means of wordless communication.

No doubt about it, pearly whites will get you noticed and make you look more attractive while feeling great, but why is that? Keep reading to find out more about the value of a beautiful smile.

value of a beautiful smile

Pearly Whites as a Beauty Standard

When it comes to beauty standards, Western civilization has always been focused on perfectly white teeth, dictated by the smiles of old Hollywood divas such as Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren. Even today’s stunning actresses such as Julia Roberts have set the bar real high. Subconsciously, we interpret a beautiful smile as a sign of good health and quality genetic material, labelling the person who carries it as attractive – researchers from the universities of Leeds and Central Lancashire have confirmed. But, it’s interesting to plunge into cultural narratives a bit deeper here. Have you ever heard of Ohaguro? It was a technique emerged from Japan, that implied the practice of blackening teeth with a dye to showcase beauty and sexual maturity. It survived until the 19th century.  

Healthy Smile is the Cornerstone of Good Confidence

When we think of an attractive smile, we usually reminiscence a picture of straight, lovely shaped, white teeth. And that’s exactly the type of smile confident people have. Of course, the outside aesthetics don’t mean a thing if your teeth aren’t healthy from the inside. Proper oral hygiene is necessary and you can always find an expert endodontist in Baulkham Hills to check if everything is order. The fact is, when we smile – we radiate confidence and self-assurance and leave an impression of a person that’s content and feels comfortable in her skin. It’s true that you cannot put a price on smile, but we use it everyday as some sort of a social currency. And it’s more than just communicating who you are or letting the world now how you feel. Smiling is an instant stress reliever and a mood booster, leaving you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.


Smiling in Social Situations

Human beings connect emotionally on a primal level and smile plays a crucial role here. Your smile is contagious and it triggers a positive reaction in your interlocutors. In almost every case, seeing a person smile will automatically make us smile. Some say it’s because of our nature to mirror body language, especially in social groups. In addition, smile is one of the main things we notice on a person, even if it’s from greater distance. It’s also one of the key elements that contribute to forming an impression about someone. In fact, study conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry found that 48% of adults will remember someone’s smile, even more clearly than the first spoken words. The same research reported that 25% of the survey participants perceive people with lovely smiles as more confident and like able. So, it’s best to keep our smiles healthy, white, and beautiful.

No doubt about it, smiling is a wonderful thing. It reflects not just physical beauty, but also the beauty we carry within. Smiling allows us to shine and catch looks, communicate, and connect, while it lifts our own spirit and makes us feel good. It can mean a difference between a successful job interview or a date night, a gloomy day or a day where you chose to show your strength and beauty. You know the saying: a smile is the curve that sets anything straight.

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