Vitamin Boosters for Growing Your Hair Quickly

Who doesn’t desire Perfect hair? But we always think that hair that too flawless and healthy is a lot to ask for. Attempting to get your hair to cooperate with you always feels like a run of never-ending struggles from dry, frizzy, dandruff, hair fall and damaged and lifeless hair. If you do not pay attention to your own hair chances are, one of them is bound to come knocking on your door with others not far behind. Pretty annoying, huh?

Use of chemical products on your hair and that too on daily basis adversely affects them. If you aren’t getting enough time to take care of your hair from the outside, then try from the inside. Meaning, we are bound to eat food at any cost for overall energy to the body; they why not take it properly and grab maximum benefit out of it? Let’s take a look at how Vitamins in your diet play important role in your hair’s health.

Vitamin Boosters

If you are eating properly, you won’t need to worry about anything anymore. All you need to see is that your food contains essential vitamins and nutrients. If not you, then they will definitely take care of your hair. I know you love pizzas, burgers and all types of junk foods. You think using hair products like shampoos, conditioners, hair growth serums, and hair masks are enough to take care of your hair. But that’s not all. You need a proper diet to work for your hair. Let’s see which are those vitamins responsible to save your hair-

Vitamin A

Hair is the fastest growing tissue of the body. And Vitamin A is need for every cell growth. Vitamin A is a necessary for growth and development, cell recognition, vision, immune function, and reproduction.

An active form of vitamin A, retinol only comes from animal sources. The richest sources of retinol are- liver, fatty fishes like herring and salmon and fish oils, butter, milk, cheese and eggs. Vegetable sources include pumpkin, carrots, and other orange-coloured vegetables, papayas and green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin B

One of the best known vitamin for hair growth is biotin i.e. vitamin B7. Studies say that deficiency in biotin leads to hair loss and skin problems. You’ll get B-vitamins from many sources like whole grains, almonds, meat, seafood and dark green leafy vegies. Additionally, animal foods are the only good sources of Vitamin B12. So if you are taking a diet which is vegetarian or vegan, consider taking supplements after consulting doctors.

Vitamin C

By working as an antioxidant, vitamin C fights oxidative stress that leads to baldness and hair loss.

Protect the hair from aging, and fill up on vitamin C meals like oranges, red peppers, kale, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, berries, grapefruit and kiwi. Should you need supplementation, then take 500–1,000 milligrams of vitamin C twice daily as an antioxidant.

Vitamin D

Hair follicles are highly sensitive to hormones, and vitamin D is a hormone that plays a Significant Role in calcium homeostasis, immune regulation and cell growth Distinction

Direct exposure to sun is the best way to absorb Vitamin D. Additionally, this way you’ll detox your body with the sun. Sit under sun for 10-15 minutes to absorb 10,000 units of natural Vitamin D. Deficiency in D vitamin can lead to alopecia areata, a dysfunction in hair cycle. To increase you D levels, eat Vitamin D rich food like salmon, whitefish, swordfish, mushrooms, eggs and mackerel.

Vitamin E

A study showed that 34.5% increase in hair growth was noticed in the people suffering from hair loss because of Vitamin E supplements. Try considering this option. Sunflower seeds, almonds spinach and avocados are good sources of Vitamin E.

If not in the diet, you can also try using E capsules on your scalp along with other essential oils. Vitamin E is considered the best source of hair growth naturally. Along with diet, you can also use capsules directly into your scalp just before washing.


Along with these vitamins, you’ll also need a whole lot of different minerals like iron and zinc, and protein in your body to take care of your hair. Eat spinach, egg-yolks, milk, beef, steak and beans.

Wrapping up…

Hair is considered as a major factor in someone’s physical appearance. And a major contributor in hair loss is poor nutrition. So, it is a necessity for us to take care of them. Follow a proper diet daily and you will notice remarkable changes in your hair health. If you are a pure vegetarian or vegan, don’t worry, there are benefits of multivitamin supplements that you can get after consulting your doctor. Along with diet, use essential oils like Rosemary, Jojoba, castor-oil and coconut oil to nourish and grow your hair that’s thick and healthy. Give maximum protection to your hair from pollution, heat exposure and chemicals as much as you can.

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