5 Ways to Make Shopping Easy During Pregnancy

As soon as you hear the exciting news of being pregnant, you start making a list of all the things you’ll be needing for yourself and your little one. While pregnancy shopping is fun, it can also sometimes be overwhelming because you have got so much on your mind, along with your health. If you are in the period where you are heading out to the mall every other day, then a few tips can be helpful. Here are five ways to make your shopping during pregnancy easy.

Eat a Snack Before You Shop

When you are pregnant, you need to eat more often, because you are not just eating for one but two or maybe more. The last thing you would want is to feel tired or drained out of energy because of all the running on an empty stomach. It is advisable always to eat a snack before you head out for shopping, some cheese, fruits, or nuts are a good idea to munch on. You should also keep a small meal in your bag, like a packet of healthy biscuits or an energy bar, so you can immediately have a bite no matter where you are.

Always Shop with a List

When you head out to the store or mall for shopping, make a list before you leave. It will save you not only time but also the energy which you will be needing for roaming around from shop to shop. If you are going to buy groceries, add healthy items on your list, like fish, nuts, calcium-rich foods, yogurt, milk, and lots of fruits and vegetables. If you don’t feel like cooking, you can buy those canned beans for quick veggie meals. If you are going out to buy baby stuff, then make sure to read up on the products before purchasing. When it comes to buying things for babies, it can be expensive, so you need to be sure if you are purchasing the right stuff. Also, don’t buy everything at one time, leave something for later. For example, you don’t need a high chair or a walker for several months, so list those down to buy later. Also, if you are planning to have a baby shower, then you might get a lot of the things you need as gifts.

Read the Labels More Carefully than Before 

skin products

When you are pregnant, you need to be more careful about the stuff you buy for both yourself and your little one. You need to be extra cautious when it comes to buying food or skin products because there are several foods and ingredients which can be harmful to the baby. Whenever you are purchasing such products make sure to read the label on the back, if you aren’t sure about if it’s safe for you and the baby, you can always ask the staff or look up online. When you buy food, make sure you purchase stuff that is high in iron, calcium, potassium, and folic acid. You also should not be buying processed food.

Similarly, when you are buying clothes for the baby or yourself, read up on the material it has been prepared from; if you have any material allergies, your child might have them too, so it’s always better to avoid buying such content-made clothes.

Buy the Right Size and Easy to Put on Clothes

Shopping for baby clothes has to be one of the best parts of being pregnant because you finally get to grab your hands on all those cute little pieces of clothing. It’s hard to resist not buying everything for your newborn, but you have to keep control over your emotions and think smart. There are many clothes which are better to buy when your baby is 3 or 6 months old when they are the newborn size they usually wear bodysuits or one-pieces as they are smooth and comfortable. So if you like a pair of khakis, get it in a bigger size instead of newborn size. Also, your baby does not have to wear designer clothes from day one, make them wear something they will be comfortable in, and something that should be easy for you to take on and off. One-piece outfits with a zipper can be a lifesaver, especially when you are in a rush.

Beware of Plastic Packaging

When going out for grocery shopping, you need to be careful of plastic packaged products. Some plastics contain chemicals that leach into foods, and this can be harmful to pregnant women and their baby. The most common toxic substances you find in plastic are BPA and phthalates, and these contain endocrine, which is a dangerous substance. To make sure your food does not contain any of these things, read the label before you buy it. Avoid buying high fat and acidic foods that come wrapped in plastic containers. Also, be careful about the boxes you store your food in; to be safe, opt for steel, glass, or ceramic containers.

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