What can You Do to Feel Happier Today?

There is so much that can happen in our lives that makes us feel bad and makes us feel unhappy. It could be anything from a random comment on social media to a billboard showing the ‘perfect’ body. It could be the news or a memory from the past that has come back unbidden. Any of these things and plenty more can make you feel terrible and can ruin what would otherwise be a perfectly fine, even enjoyable, day. Yet there are ways you can lift this upset and change the way you feel so you’re happier, and you can do it today.

Of course, it’s good to remember we’re not talking about depression. Depression is something else entirely and needs to be discussed with a doctor. However, if you aren’t suffering from depression but instead are just feeling a little down, here are some tips to help you feel happier today.

Eat Right

If you’re feeling bad, you might automatically reach for the comfort foods in an effort to make yourself feel better. The rich, creamy, starch-filled, heavy foods that we all like to use for this, foods such as macaroni and cheese, pie, and chocolate, will certainly boost our serotonin levels when we eat them.

Unfortunately, this feeling will only be temporary, and in the meantime, your body will have missed out on a lot of the nutrients it needs to protect itself and stay healthy. This means that, by the time the good feelings have worn off, you will feel much worse than you did before.

It’s far better to eat foods that contain all the nutrients you need. You might not think it, but these will also boost your mood and they won’t leave you feeling bad when the chemicals wear off.

Buy Something That Counts

Many people find that a little ‘retail therapy’ makes them feel a lot better when they’re having a bad day. Again, this is something that will work temporarily, boosting the serotonin levels, and disguising the sadness we’re feeling. In other words, it’s not a great idea as it won’t solve the problem entirely.

Unless, of course, you buy something that counts. By this we mean that you buy something that makes a difference. It could be that you pay extra in a coffee shop so that someone who is in need can get a free coffee or snack. Maybe you’ll donate to a charity. Maybe you’ll use an Ulta coupon to buy makeup that you then use to get ready for an interview or even start a small business with.

Spending your money on something that is going to make a difference not just now but in the future too, and that might even help someone else will make you feel better. Just don’t overspend and be careful when using credit cards as any subsequent debt will make you feel bad again.

Go Outside

Natural daylight is a great mood enhancer, and the more we can go out in it and enjoy it, the better we will feel. When we get more natural light in our lives, it will help to regulate our internal body clocks, which means we will sleep better and wake up feeling more refreshed. Plus, our hormones will become more regulated, so our moods (and mood swings) will improve.

Being outside also means we are less likely to be exposed to blue light, which comes from screens like those of a phone or laptop because we won’t have as much access to them or want to use them because the outside’s natural beauty is enough.

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