A Tornado Cooking: What is the Best Storm Shelter?

Studies show that tornadoes are the root cause of over $400 million in damages every year. If you live in storm-prone areas, it is crucial that you install a storm shelter to protect you and your family when disaster strikes.

While numerous storm shelters are in the market, it may be quite challenging to determine the right one for your home. These shelters come in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials. This article gives you more details to help you choose the right tornado shelter.

Types of Storm Shelters

In-ground Shelters

Commonly known as underground bunkers, these shelters are placed beneath the earth’s surface. Its entrance is usually parallel to the ground and is slightly angled to get rid of debris. The common material used for these shelters is concrete and rebar.

Above Ground Shelters

Above-ground tornado shelters can be placed in different strategic locations in the home, including the basement and closet. Since they are above the ground, they offer easy access to disabled members of the family. They can be made of concrete or metal.

So, Which is the Best Shelter?

The storm shelter you go for solely depends on your property, home size, and local ordinance. It should be secure, easy to access, and have an emergency exit.

All said and done, a considerable number of people prefer above ground tornado shelters because of the following reasons:

● Easy Installation

The best thing about an above-ground shelter is the installation process. It is easy and simple since it doesn’t require excavation and other home alterations like the underground storm shelters. All you need to do is identify an ideal spot for the shelter, and the company will deliver and place it there. It will take a short time to anchor it to the ground to secure it.

● Easily Accessible

Like mentioned before, you can place an above-ground tornado shelter outside the house or in a safe place within the house. This means it is very much convenient to get inside compared to the underground ones. You open the door like any other room, and you can go in any time you want.

● It is Mobile

Can you imagine spending a couple of months or years building an underground shelter, and then you have to move to a new home? That means you’ll be leaving behind the storm shelter, which beats its purpose. On the other hand, you can easily carry along your above-ground tornado shelter to as many locations as you wish.

Final Thoughts

Emergencies caused by natural calamities can strike at any time. In most cases, people will not get time to prepare and pack their bags or even drive away. You could even be stuck because of flooding roads and other similar problems. Storm shelters are the best plan for emergencies such as tornadoes, especially if you live in prone areas. Be sure to look at your needs and the convenience before you go for a particular type.

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