Why You are Losing Organic Search Results

Consider that you have a physical outlet selling fresh fruits. If you have three people visiting your shop on daily basis, you cannot expect the sales volumes to be very high. However, if fifty people visit your shop, you can expect at least ten people to spend money on buying your products. Hence, the conclusion can be drawn that when you have more people visiting your shop, the probability of generating business is much higher. On the other hand, if you see that people are visiting your competitors shop and the count of daily visitors is increasing, you would have to change your selling strategy to retain the customer count.

It’s always valuable for you to check SEO progression of your site to find out the reasons why you are losing organic searches.The same philosophy is applied when you talk about organic searches. It is important to keep a check on the number of searches your website is getting. Secondly, if you feel that the search count is going down, you should be aware of the key signs and reasons. Organic searches going down can be a risky venture. If you do not have sufficient visits, the probability of generating good sales volumes would be lower.


Some obvious signs you need to watch out for are given below.

  1. Keep an eye on the bounce rate of your website

It is important to understand the difference between traffic count and bouncing rate. A good traffic count gives a positive impact but a high bouncing rate is not a positive sign for the website in any manner. Instead, it should be taken as an alarming sign. Having a high bounce rate means that people are visiting your website but not spending a consistent time span. This can be due to several reasons.

  • Some websites are exceptional in terms of content but they have a difficult user interface. This is a key factor behind a high bounce rate. Most people browsing websites and searching on the internet are not tech savvy. The moment they feel that a website has a difficult usage process; they make an exit without waiting. This actually increases the bounce rate. We can go through an example to see how bounce rate increases.
  • For instance, a popular brand has a well-designed website and a lot of people are landing on the home page but still the bounce rate is high. Through an analytics tool, the status of each page in terms of traffic can be checked. In other words, you can check the number of users spending time on each page. If you see that the user count is declining majorly between the home page and the “about us” page, you can create the perception that one of these pages has a problem. Thus, have a good look at the content of each of these pages to make the necessary improvements.
  1. The Content is not up to standard.

Quality content is surely the most important fuelling constituent for website growth. Content is what drives traffic towards a website. When you go to the shopping market and see several banners displaying discounts, you automatically go into the mart to see what is being offered. High quality content plays the same role. It creates interest in the mind of the reader. When he views that the written information is interesting and provides unique material, he expects the website to offer unique top notch content at all times. Eventually, the number or organic searches for the website increase as well.

You need to remember that when a customer is impressed from a website, he would tell other people about it as well. In other words, it would be promotion through word of mouth. When a satisfied customer would tell other people about your website, they would also search for it.

  • The rule is simple. When more people browse your website, it simply means that your conversions would increase. The flip side is that when people start browsing competitor websites instead of your own domain if the content does not meet standards.
  • Quality content is a decision factor for Google as well. Websites with quality content are highly ranked and obviously get a lot more traffic. Most brands do not invest hard work when they are working on the web content. There is lack of research and unique material. This is what customers look out for. They seek unique information which has not been provided on other websites. Unique content does depend on the kind of research work done. If you have simply piled up content without enough research work, it would not have that X factor. In other words, there would be redundancy. To avoid this factor, you have to be sure that enough research work is being done to compile the content. A good way is going through what the competitors have written. You should focus on points that have not been covered by the competitor websites. In a nutshell, the content should explain points that have not been elaborated.
  1. The content architecture is not up to the mark

Most people visiting your website would not have any idea about the flow of information. If your website does not have a proper architecture, the reader would obviously face confusion. It is important to have the correct information flow so that the reader does not get confused.

  • The content should be drafted according to the requirement of each page. This approach does help when the number of web pages increase and you have a large content pile to manage. If you have elaborated the company history on the “About Us” page, the same information should not be mentioned on the “Home Page”. A simple point is that you need to avoid redundancy. Redundant information puts the reader off in every manner. It makes him think that the website is all about filling information and not about providing quality content.
  • How would you feel if a website has content written in one paragraph without any headings, sub headings, bullets or sections? It is a clear fact that most of us would not want to make the effort to read the content. This does happen when the content has been presented in a boring manner. Headings and section separators make the content more lively, organized and catchy. Thus, not having an organized structure in terms of content reduces the organic searched and traffic.
  1. Absence of top notch expert content

It is a fact that anyone can write a page on a given topic. You simply need to search the internet, rephrase the related content and draft the page. The point is that the standard of this written material would be much lesser than what professional content developers produce.

  • Writing content and convincing people to read it are two different things. With so many websites listed against the same keyword combination, the competition is already on a high. If you have written content on a particular topic without professional writing expertise, most people would not even spend few minutes reading it. To get organic searches, the written content has to be top notch in every manner. Professional writers are well aware of each and every requirement that readers have.
  • Lack of quality expert content can be a reason why your website is losing out on traffic. Readers who are interested in making purchases analyze each and every aspect including the content of your website. They do not trust websites with content issues. It is a common perception that websites with copied or substandard content may be involved in scams. As a result, users do not take any risk. To get organic searches, winning the trust of the customer is very important. Websites which are 100 legitimate and have top notch content do not have any issues in getting organic searches.
  • The content on your website should be free of grammatical issues as this can seriously irritate the customer. It is an accepted fact that expert writers do not make grammatical mistakes considering the experience that they have. As they are experts, they proofread the content completely before publishing it. This finesse cannot be produced if the content has been written by an inexperienced writer.

Summing it up

Getting regular traffic and consistent buyers is becoming a more challenging task with the passage of each day. The simple reason is that competition is increasing and websites and putting in better efforts to make it to the very top. The key is that you should keep a consistent eye on the organic searches being attained by your website. Google Analytics is a reliable tool that can be used for this purpose. If you see that the number or organic searches are declining, you need to examine the possible reasons.

Most websites start losing traffic when they stop publishing fresh content. When users see that nothing new is being offered, they start moving towards other websites. Along with that, you should research properly before producing content. Posting copied content or outdated facts can results in search engine penalties as well.

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