Why You should Go for Yoga; Instead of Gym

The main problem that mostly occurs in age from 50 and above is myalgia. As it is proven that everything has its own right time and if it’s not sorted at the right time then there is no other option left. Good health is not just about abs and muscles, but it is about how mentally strong you are and how much awake you are physical.

Although gymnasium is good for health but yoga has its own place in human life. For doing either yoga or gymnasium all you need is just courage. Because in the starting it feels good, but about a week or two you get tired of all this. For doing a gym you need to do some perfect courses for example if you are joining an outside gym, you have to do it according to your trainer.

Doing gym needs more power and after doing the gym you need to have some rest for the reason that your muscles were being pumped and there is not enough energy left. If you are into the gym, you needed to have at least 2 hours of workout daily and you shouldn’t go more than 2 days without a gym. Yoga is not totally different from the gym, but there are numerous things that diverse yoga from the gym.

Yoga is not about building up muscles and abs, but it’s all about meditation, physical exercise, and positive thinking. Without all these capabilities a strong muscle and 6 packs abs are useless. According to the research, there are 84 different types of yoga poses. Yoga is amazing – even if you practice for one hour a week you will experience the benefits of the practice.

Yoga has more proven benefits than doing gym

Yoga increases flexibility, muscle strength and tone. It helps in maintaining a good cardiovascular function and heart disease. Practicing yoga on a regular basis improves the health of your bones while strengthening your spine and muscles. It also works the tendons and ligaments, making them less vulnerable to breakdown. These yoga benefits work together to protect your body from injury.

Yoga Teaches Acceptance

Yoga teaches oneself acceptance, it makes you believe that you are ideal as you are- with all your strengths and weaknesses. Yoga is not about self-improvement, it is all about self-acceptance. Whatever has done either good or bad, it’s just you. Gym classes are more likely to give you a feeling like a failure that you cannot do anything. It causes you some kind of aches and pains while yoga stretches your muscles and opens the energy channels of the body.

For doing yoga you don’t need to have heavy machinery, just a meditation song, a standard yoga mat of 24” x 68” and some acceptable wears, while gym requires more equipment and permanent space.

Yoga enhances your abilities

Yoga changes your mind. It approaches the way you change your lifestyle and your eating habits. It makes your mind about the food you eat, the effective-ways of burning calories rather than working hard to maintain the level of calories in your body.

Does Yoga require money?

No! Yoga does not even cost a penny. All you need is courage and time, other than that some essential yoga gears and a peaceful environment. While the gym needs some proper equipment and permanent place to work out.

Say No to Stress

Yoga helps you relax. 15 minutes of yoga is enough to deal with the tensions, relax your mind and boost your energy level. That’s something you should do with yourself daily. A gym only helps you to acquire mass and boost the energy level in your body. While Yoga has countless physical and mental health benefits.

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