Top 5 Powerful Yoga Asanas for Your Glowing Skin

Yoga defines union. Etymologically, yoga connotes yoke.

It enlightens your journey of connecting with God. Yoga is not a religion but a serene culture that uncovers spiritual discipline.

Doing yoga never makes you religious rather it makes you spiritual where you connect with your soul and prepare to evolve in this cosmos. Having several benefits, Yoga is a natural practice adopted for many years. Originating from Indian Veda, yoga has several health benefits.

The benefits of yoga are numerous. Yoga recreates the natural essence of our body giving us a youthful skin and soul.

There are different forms of yoga holding many healing virtues. Yoga is not just a belief; it is an art as well as a science. The practical and principles make yoga an ancient science whereas the skill required to perform the uncountable asanas makes it a worthy art.

The powerful wand of Yoga takes one back to the natural vibes of the Vedic era. Yoga targets every region of your body to ensure your good health. Besides giving you physical benefits yoga nourishes you from inside.

Here are some amazing yoga poses that will restore your youth giving you a supple and ultra-glowing skin. Running after artificial makeovers will definitely give you a youthful look but the natural glint of your skin will never come back again. The natural inside glow of your skin is enough to keep you youthful even in your 40s.

Investing your whole wallet inexpensive cosmetics will just hide your signs of aging. Yoga is a natural remedy that rejuvenates your till roots giving you a natural sense of youthfulness.

Top 5 Yoga Poses to Gift you a Natural Blush: 

Here are some glorious yoga poses for glowing skin:

  1. Padmasana :

Yoga Level: Intermediate to Advanced Yoga Form: Hatha Yoga Hold the Pose: At least 5 minutes (Longer if you are meditating) Repeat: Once with each leg on top Stretch: Joints Lengthen: Spinal cord, abdomen, legs.

How to Do Padmasana 

  1. Sit on your yoga mat with a straight spinal cord while your legs are stretched out.
  2. Start bending your right knee; place your and on your left thigh. Make sure that your soles are pointed upward, while your heels are close to your abdomen.
  3. Repeat with your other leg.
  4. Now keep your legs crossed. Place your feet on opposite thighs. Keep your hands in the position of your favorite mudra. You can place your hands on your knees.
  5. Place your head straight with your back elongated.
  6. Breathe and hold the pose for a few minutes.
  7. Repeat the pose with another leg.

Benefits: Padma or Lotus symbolizes the virtues of Goddess Laxmi. Being an important aspect of Buddhism, Padmasana gives you grace, liberty, strength, happiness, wisdom, youth and also serenity.

  1. Adho Mukha Svanasana:

Yoga Level: Beginner Level
Yoga Form: Pose of Ashtanga Yoga
Hold the Pose: At least 3 minutes (Longer if you are meditating) Repeat: No
Stretch: Limbs, joints, and back
Lengthen: shoulder and hamstring

How to Do Svanasana:

  1. Use your four limbs to stand to make a table-like structure.
  2. Lift your hips and straighten knees and elbows. Form an inverted ‘V’.
  3. Keep your hands in line with your shoulders and keep your feet in line with your buttocks. Point your toes outward.
  4. Lengthen your neck while you place your hands flat on the ground. Make sure that your ears are touching your inner arms. Gaze your navel.
  5. Hold the pose for 2 to 3 minutes; now go back to the table position.

Benefits: Svanasana is another amazing pose that fills you with extreme flexibility. The inverted bend is highly amazing in lengthening your body. Svanasana recreates your life by boosting your internal organs. Add this pose in your daily yoga schedule to improve your blood circulation and get perfectly glowing skin.

  1. Dhanurasana

Yoga Level: BasicLevel
Yoga Form: Vinyasa Yoga
Hold The Pose: At least 30 seconds
Repeat: No
Stretch: Limbs, joints, psoas major muscle, abdomen, back, groins and thorax
Lengthen: Spine

How to Do Dhanurasana:

  1. Start the pose by lying flat on your stomach. Keep your feet hip-width apart and arms beside your body.
  2. Fold your knees gently and hold your ankles.
  3. Inhale while you lift your legs and chest off the mat. Now pull your legs back.
  4. Gaze straight and release your stress.
  5. As you get comfortable, try controlling your breath. Feel the stress releasing out when you exhale.
  6. Maintain the pose for 20 seconds.

Benefits: Dhanurasana pampers your abdominal organs. Being a simulator, Dhanurasana aids a proper absorption of the food you eat thereby giving you a pink blush.

  1. Sarvangasana

Yoga Level: Intermediate to Advanced Level
Yoga Form: Hatha Yoga
Hold The Pose: At least 20 seconds
Repeat: No
Stretch: Shoulder and neck region
Lengthen: Spinal cord, neck, and shoulder

How to Do Sarvangasana:

  1. Start lying on your back while you keep your legs together.
  2. Now in a whirl, lift your hips and legs while your hands support your back and elbows your lower body. Feel as if you are standing on your shoulders.
  3. Make your elbows closer when you finally reach the pose. Now straighten your legs and spine up in the air. Your weight should be on your shoulder.
  4. Firm your legs up and let your toes point out.
  5. Release the pose and gently lower your knee.
  6. Bring your hands back to the mat. Lie flat and breathe.

Benefits: This pose is an inverted yoga asana. The pose signifies the limitless capacity of a human. Where you stand on your legs, this pose makes you on your shoulders. This upside-down pose facilitates the supply of rich blood to every internal organ thereby proving to be a natural face massager.

  1. Halasana :

Yoga Level: Basic to Intermediate
Yoga Form: Hatha Yoga
Hold The Pose: At least 30 seconds
Repeat: No
Stretch: Shoulder and vertebral Column
Lengthen: Spinal cord, neck, and shoulder

How to Do the Halasana:

  1. Lie on your back while your arms are beside your body.
  2. Make a 90-degree angle by lifting your feet off the mat using your abdomen. Inhale while you do this step.
  3. Support your hips with your hands.
  4. Now, bring your feet in 180 degrees so that your toes are beyond your head.
  5. Use your hands to support your hips and lift them off the floor.
  6. Keep your back perpendicular to the floor.
  7. Hold the pose for one minute and try to manage your breathing.

Benefits: Halasana supple your skin and gives you a perfectly toned body. It stimulates the lumbar region and also targets the thoracic region. A good blood flow enriches your skin and gives you a natural youthful glow. This pose is proven to fight all the signs of aging. Not only the skin, but your whole body is filled with extreme energy and activeness. This pose won’t let you feel old.

No matter if you are hardly stricken by unwanted signs of aging. You do not need to invest a lot in your skin routine. The above yoga poses are amazing in treating your early aging and giving you supple skin. Try the above yoga skin routine to attain a flawless tint of natural blush.

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Dhruv Sharma is a yoga enthusiast who loves to explore all the roads of Yoga. He loves to share his experience with the world to let others attain what he did from yoga. Being a well-known Yoga Teacher, he has discovered the several life-changing benefits of yoga.

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