Would Could Puffin OS Crush Android Go?

Puffin Mobile Operating System Could Crush Android Go

CloudMosa, an American firm created the web browser Puffin. Compared to conventional browsers, the strengths of Puffin lies in security and speed. CloudMosa has come up with a mobile operating system from acquiring the two elements from the web browser, resulting in the Puffin operating system. Now, this could have some adjustment effects to Android app development services since it has been said that the new OS could crush down the Android Go.

Although derived from Android, it uses an Avatar Technology. The tech transfers workload from the local device into a remote computer in the cloud. The new mobile operating system is targeted primarily towards handsets that cost less. The company stated that the operating system would be able to bridge the gap between feature phones that run on KaiOS as well as the economical devices of Android.

In Bridging the Features Gap

Fifty-seven percent of device owners have limited access to an internet connection. Thus, the Android OS, which currently is the most widely used mobile operating system in the world also presents a shortcoming, which could impact the service of an Android app development company.

A user, because of limited internet may fail to download an app that requires regular updates to offer the greatest and latest features.

The Puffin operating system is designed in such a way that it could tame limitations. Moreover, CloudMosa claims that the operating system could convert any existing site into a web application. Users therefore could have access to more than a billion apps right away, including YouTube, Facebook, and Google Maps.

Key Benefit

The major benefit of the technology is that web applications could directly run on smartphones that run on it and so there’s no need to download an application. Moreover, the new OS does not have a centralized regulatory body. Thus, app developers could make use of open web standards, including CSS3, JavaScript, and HTML5 to build mobile applications.

Did you know that half of the population on Earth is still not connected to smartphones? Smartphones are considered a luxury to them. As 1 billion users are expected to become new smartphone users by 2022, their ideal phone must do well in 3 areas — price, speed, and features.

The OS for the Next Billions of Users

The OS for the Next Billions of Users

With the Avatar technology, the Puffin operating system is able to transform mobile phones that are cheaper into powerhouses in terms of performance. Thus turns the operating system to bet better compared to any other solution for the next billions of users worldwide. By 2022, it is expected that one billion people to become new smartphone users.

The power behind Puffin is that it makes the impossible possible. How? By making devices with high performance affordable. The technology builds an avatar of the device of a user in the cloud servers of Puffin for data access and executes apps on the web. Because the avatar remotely runs in high-performance computers with connectivity power, it could efficiently access data and execute apps at high speed, whatever the hardware limitation of the original device may be.

Moreover, the avatar protects the devices of users through disengaging unknown internet threats away from physical devices. The puffin operating system to mobile phones is similar to XCloud and Google Stadia to gaming devices.

Current Development Progress of Puffin OS

The following features of the Puffin OS are currently ready.

  • Customized network location provider implementation, for supporting web application geolocation features.
  • Customized Android Open Source Project for Puffin Technical Preview running on a few chosen devices.
  • A web app store for the installation of a web app.
  • Stimulated web apps powered by the Puffin Avatar Technology.

Puffin OS’ present Technical Preview software is prepared for these devices, through overriding the original Android operating system.

  • Redmi Go
  • Nokia 1
  • Some sample phones, including models that have 512MB and 1GB ram.

Note that the Technical Preview OS is for closed beta only and won’t be released to the public for daily consumer use. Some features are unavailable on the phone as these features are not compatible with vanilla AOSP, like for instance, secure boot with proprietary API encryption and vendor-proprietary protocols.

Current Development Progress of Puffin OS

The Puffin OS Founder’s Edition Phone

The Founder’s Edition would be the ‘reference’ phone. Its specifications would showcase the experience of users on entry-level mobile phone hardware. It would be provided with limited quantity and would not be reproduced in the future. It would be provided to the team of developers and the ‘founders’, the supporters of the crowdfunding campaign. Moreover, it would be provided to partners in the future to evaluate the mobile operating system.

The Puffin OS Founder’s Edition Phone



There is no personal information logged on Puffin’s cloud servers. The sole information gathered is for maintenance between the avatar and the local device purposes only. Also, information is collected to customize settings and remembering login sessions. These logs even are ejected from time to time. Users get to safely enjoy the Avatar Technology power with no worries about exploitation.

There are no restrictions on the websites that users can access on Puffin OS. The online world presented to the next billion users is open and resourceful. There is no limit of traffic to any specific website for their corporate benefits.


The claims that the company made appear groundbreaking, in contrast to the existing options. Nonetheless, to be able to verify them, we would have to wait for an actual demonstration of a real-life device. Fortunately, the company soon would be crowdfunding a smartphone that runs on the Puffin operating system on Kickstarter. Details would be revealed soon.

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