Advices That You Must Listen Before Studying Yoga and Running for Weight Loss

There is a huge number of people who are into fitness and want to maintain themselves for a healthy life. But there are even people who are extremely foodie and doesn’t care about their health till the time they start realizing that they have grown overweight. Obesity is one of the major problems people are facing in today’s time. Be it teenagers or mid-age people who are not paying proper attention to their health. There are a lot of foods with loaded carbs and fats which is delicious to eat and people should definitely try it but making yourself addicted to that kind of food is only going to provide harmful effects to your body.

According to studies, in 2016, more than 1.9 billion adults were overweight and 650 million were obese. At least 2.8 million people each year die as a result of being overweight or obese. This shows how obesity leads to a miserable life for individuals. Well, proper nutrition is also important and it is also preferred to consume healthy food, but still there can be situations when a person wants to lose an amount of weight so that it can make their appearance impressive and even they can be fit to keep themselves away from health issues.

Regular exercise is also suggested to people so that they can take care of the body. Running, working out in a gym, aerobics, Zumba and etc. Apart from all these highly intense forms of losing weight, Yoga is also considered a good way to become more flexible, lose weight and meditation for the activeness of mind. There can be a lot of situations when a person is not interested to work out in a gym or other ways of becoming fit. In such situations, Yoga can become an idol choice for people. According to a source, resistance training can actually help you target a particular body part so that you can easily lose weight from that area.

There are numerous benefits of Yoga but is it the best way for every individual? There are a few points one should keep in mind before practising Yoga. This will tell you that it is the best way for you to lose weight or not. So, here we have some advice you must listen before practising Yoga and practising weight loss:

Refrain from regular yoga practice during menses or pregnancy: Woman are highly dedicated towards Yoga and they want to practice it one a daily basis. But it is recommended by the doctors that they should restrain themselves from Yoga when they are pregnant or it is the time of their menses. Yes, there are some asanas that can be performed during this time but those are not very much focused on the weight loss purpose only.

Never overeat and then practice Yoga: Be it Yoga or any exercise, you need to practice without a full tummy. You cannot just eat a lot and then try to work you. Especially, in Yoga, you have practice some important moves which require you to be flexible and proper concentration. There are even times when you can feel sleepy due to overeating and will get tired and won’t practice properly. It is always recommended to practice Yoga after 2-3 hours of consuming a meal.

Don’t drink water for 30 minutes after practising Yoga: There are a lot of people who just feel thirsty after completing an exercise. But the condition with Yoga is that should not drink water just after completing your asanas. You will have to wait for 20-30 min. The reason behind this is that all your internal organs get massaged after practising Yoga. This is where your digestion system also requires time to rejuvenate and for the absorption of energy generated by practising Yoga.

Don’t practice strenuous exercises after yoga: Yoga itself is an important practice where your whole body works towards the same goal “fitness of mind and health”. Therefore, it is also recommended to never practice other exercises after Yoga. There are numerous people who

Avoid Yoga if you are ill or have gone through any operation: Yoga requires proper stretching of various body parts, this is the reason it is always suggested to avoid practising Yoga after operations. Otherwise, it will affect the wound and will take more time to heal. You should always start practising Yoga once you are feeling well and can pay proper attention to Yoga.

Practice Yoga only in clean place places with impressive ambience: You should always avoid practising Yoga near a smoky area or the area with a foul smell. Yoga requires freshness and mental stability and if you are going to meditate in an area with a foul smell, you won’t be able to properly concentrate and even lead headache.

Avoid Yoga if your main purpose is only to lose weight: Yes, Yoga helps in weight loss but if that is only your main goal that it is not your cup of tea. Yoga is more of being flexible and meditating to increase the concentration level of mind and providing mental stability. It is not only a means of losing weight.

These are the reasons one needs to keep in mind before practising Yoga as a means of losing weight. You should always take care of these factors so that there are no complications once you have started practising Yoga one a daily basis.

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