5 Beauty Tips for Every Man to Look Good

A lot of you tend to have this misconception that celebrities or models were born with God-given gifts and they just look flawless on their own with no effort at all. Well, I’m telling you today no on looks that flawless without putting in the effort. If you’ve happened to be backstage when models or celebrities are preparing, you’d get to see the work put in just for them to pull off that bomb gorgeous look.

The truth is these Models or celebrity most of the time will never tell you what they do that makes them look good, and that’s because they don’t want you to be good-looking, they want you to be the way you re and keep thinking or trying to be like them. But the reality is I’ll be putting down five basic tips for you to be able to implement them into your routine, so you yourself can also look like a model or celebrity.

Most people live with the idea that men don’t need to put in as much effort as women when it comes to looking good. Well, that’s not true. I’ll be sharing five beauty tips nobody wants you to know but I do

  1. Use the Steam Room

You know that steam room every gym has and you’ve never stepped into? Well, you’re going to want to start doing that. This was a hack that was gotten from a male model. Usually, most gyms or spas have a steam room, so the next time you have a gruesome workout or any work out go straight there and step into the steam room for about 10-15 minutes. Doing this you’ll be purifying all the toxins out of your pores, therefore leaving your skin super hydrated and soft after you step out.

If you do this daily and after every workout, your skin is going to have a drastic turnaround. Doing this also helps with the increase of collagen in your body. You’ll also be benefiting from the dead skin cell removal from all the heat that the steam room also known as a sauna is producing. In other words, this tip is a game-changer for your skin. Do note that you necessarily don’t have to only go to a gym to do this, you can also do this at the sauna in a spa.

  1. Moisturize Your Eyes

Moisturizing your skin is so important because the dryness from the air usually absorbs all the moisture or hydration from your skin which ends up drying out your skin. This is an important factor in what can cause fine lines, wrinkles, and imperfections that can even lead to acne. A simple step like moisturizing is important which you probably already know. However, the area of the eyes is mostly where most guys end up skipping.

The problem in this is the area needs or requires the most attention because the skin there is extremely thin and also fragile. So, when you start focusing on moisturizing the area of the eyes, it helps to smoothen plump and lessen dark circles. This is because dark eye circles tend to appear darker especially when the skin is dehydrated, which will end up making you look dull, tired, and overall uglier.

  1. Use Vitamin C

You can use vitamin C to brighten up your face. It’s safe to say almost all of us have experienced dull, bland skin that just looks ashy and flaky at some point in our life. An easy way for men to make their skin look healthier, and allow them to look more handsome is to give your skin a dose of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a natural substance that helps reduce dark spots. Restore the skin verbosity, and even soften the skin.

The easiest way to do this is to buy packets of vitamin C, combine it with water, and put in a droplet bottle or a spray bottle. That way, everyday right before you go to bed you can spray your face with a little bit of vitamin C, and the next day when you wake up, you’d wake up looking more vibrant and also picture perfect.

  1. Dry cleansing

Dry cleansing is the process of cleansing your face without using water, at least not using water initially. It’s a really good tactic to purify your skin, remove dead skin, and make your skin feel softer. All you have to do is grab your cleanser whichever one you’re using, apply in on your hands, and then start rubbing it all over your skin. Do a deep scrub without wetting your skin or wetting your hands. Hence the term dry cleaning.

Once you’ve done this for about 10-20 seconds the cleanser will start to feel tacky and harder to start spreading around. You’ll keep doing this for about a minute. Once it’s done and it’s nice and hard this is when you apply water. It would feel like you’re removing a piece of glue form your face, and with it, you’d also be removing all the toxins and dead skin cells. Even though you’re still using the same cleanser you’ve always used. However, this tactic almost makes it feel like It exfoliates your skin as you’re also cleansing it, which makes your skin feel ultra-soft and purified once you do it. Also, the result is almost instant.

  1. Have A Men’s Concealer

Do not think of this like makeup, think of it as a moisturizer with a little bit of color or tint in it. You’re not necessarily using brushes or anything of the sort, it’s more like for emergencies. It can help with blemishes like acne scars, and you need to cover up. Or you have severe dark eye circles and you need to get rid of, cos you’ve got an important event or a date, you can use this lightly to smoothen out your skin and make it look perfect. This is something celebrities and models do all the time. Like I said earlier do not think of it like makeup but as a tinted moisturizer. You don’t have to use it daily, just for emergencies.

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