CSS Vs Bootstrap – Things That You should Not Miss

What is CSS?

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is an acronym for Cascading Style Sheets. It is simple to learn and can be used in conjunction with HTML or XHTML. It is a simple design language that aids in the presentation of web pages.

What is Bootsrap?

Bootstrap is a framework for creating mobile-friendly and responsive websites. It’s completely free and simple to instal. Bootstrap is a front-end framework that makes web development easier and faster. It comes with a variety of HTML and CSS-based design templates for buttons, tables, forms, and panels, among other things.

CSS and Bootstrap both are the structure language to develop a website. Many times, users even don’t know about the real difference between these two languages. Today, we are going to discuss this concern and explore the real difference between CSS and Bootstrap. Cascading Style Sheet or CSS is the programming language developed in December 1996 by Hakon Wium. CSS is mainly working with the collaboration of HTML and we can also say that a designer can’t display the page elements (such as fonts, color, height, width, and margin) without the help of CSS. On the other hand, Bootstrap is an Open-Source Platform. The difference can clear your all doubts about these two web design and development technologies.

1). Development Factor:

The first factor that is the main difference between Bootstrap and CSS is the Development factor. CSS comes first and was launched in 1996 and developed by Hakon Wium Lie, Bert Bos. On the other hand, Bootstrap was developed by Mark Otto, Jacob Thorton on 19 August 2011.

2). Representation Factor:

What things represents by CSS? Maybe you also don’t know about the things that represent by CSS and that’s why we add the factor of representation. CSS is mainly representing style and the appearance of content in which font, margin, color, and padding included. If you are thinking that Bootstrap is also using for the same process in a website then you are wrong because Bootstrap is an Open-Source platform that is used to make a website more responsive and easy to load.

2). Grid System:

One more stage that is used to know about the real difference between CSS and Bootstrap is Grid System. The fact is CSS is not working with any Grid System but on the other Bootstrap is dependent on the Grid System.

3). Latest Version:

The latest version is also the point of concern when we talk about the difference between CSS and Bootstrap. Which is the latest version of CSS? Right now, the current or updated version of CSS is CSS3. Bootstrap 4 is the latest version used by web developers to develop portals and applications.

4). What CSS and Bootstrap Can Do?

On the other hand, you must know about the role of each technology in the design and the development factor. As we already told, CSS is not working on the responsive factors of a web page or website but it only enhances the appearance and visual elements of the page. On the other hand, Bootstrap is mainly used for the responsiveness of the page.

5). Pre-Defined Class:

Does CSS have a pre-defined class? It is also the main concern of all those readers who are curious to know more differences between these two web technologies. CSS has the minus point that it does not have any pre-defined classes and designs. Bootstrap is not complex because it has pre-design and defines classes through which it is easy to understand.

6). Code Written Task:

While working on CSS, A designer must work on code properly and be required to write code from scratch but Bootstrap is different in this concept. Due to the pre-defined classes, a designer is not required to write code for Bootstrap.

7). Easy to Use:

One more difference factor that you must understand between Bootstrap and CSS is easy to use. Which is the easy-to-use technology for the development and designing of a website? No doubt, Bootstrap is pretty much easier to use for the users and they can explore the countless features of this web design and development technology.

8). Customization Visibility:

Can you get customization visibility in CSS? Maybe you can’t but Bootstrap is a better option for customization visibility because this web technology comes with customization features for the users and they customize a web page or web application as per choice. On the other hand, Content Visibility Property in CSS is gaining the attention of the users to use this technology for the designing and the development of a portal.

The Bottom Line:

Both CSS and Bootstrap have vital importance and you can pick anyone to design your web pages as per your choice. CSS has its features and importance but Bootstrap is different in terms of benefits and features. Simple integration is the common factor that is available in both CSS and Bootstrap for the users and they can use anyone for this objective. Integration is also a point of concern for the users because they are always thinking to consider the easy-to-integrate technology for the design and development process. With these real-time differences factors, you can understand the right difference between these two technologies from your designing and development perspective.

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