Fun Ways to Make Money for Free

Money runs the entire world. It’s a source of survival for a human being. In another way, it is known as an income. Moreover, it takes a huge amount of effort to be financially independent. Simultaneously, it will be a matter of pride if we get financially independent at a young age.

There are various ways to make money. The most followed and conventional way is to earn some money by taking a job related to their chosen degree. Many chose to study to make good money for their future. The other ways of making money other than this above-mentioned one will be by earning by with investment. Another easy way is to use our own degree and make income through tuition.

Moreover, there are other ways of earning income where we do not need to have high degrees and skills. All we need is to have a good flow of conversation. Many people find themselves alone, and we can make use of the feeling of that loneliness and give them company. We can talk with them and can even do some mild flirting. There are lots of sites and platforms which give us a way to earn money through flirting.

Different Modes of Making Money:

As stated above, there are different paths to making money. We can be creative and use our talents, and hobbies and mix some efforts and earn some money. Here are some creative ways of making money.

Earning through Video games:

Video games have been one of the indoor games that many youngsters are still obsessed with it. Then this could be one way of earning some money. Many companies that produce video games hire testers to detect bugs before their actual launch. We can take that opportunity to earn money if we can use our passion for gaming in the right way. The earning potential could be around $100 per month.

Income through an online course:

The idea of Online courses reaches its peak during the lockdown period of Covid-19. We can also use the platform and create various online courses. We may be in doubt about the content when it comes to online courses. Such as a lack of having real content and some self-doubt about not having enough content to attract subscribers or audiences. However, we can make anything our content for an online course. The online course is not only about proving some sort of academic courses and some other diploma degrees of some courses. It can be of anything. Such as cooking classes, baking classes, DIY videos, etc. We can convert our passion for cooking into the content of our online class. Some estimated earnings are seven figures per year.

Earn as a YouTuber:

We can make some earnings by opening a YouTube channel. Covid-19 and its lockdown gave us many budding YouTubers. We can be one among them and create content on YouTube. We need to put some effort into the content and editing of videos on the YouTube platform. With great content, we will have an increasing number of viewers, and subscribers. This results in some earnings from this platform. The earning potential for 10000 views on a channel will make around $4. With better content and more viewership, we can earn more.

Photography as a source of income:

Our passion for photography led us to click various ranges of pictures. We can use that passion for photography as our source of income. We can be creative and with the use of some creativity, we will upload those photos online for sale. Likewise, we get hired if our flair for photography is good enough to get the attention of bigger media companies.


It is another skill-based passionate job, through which we can make some earnings. We can take the job of freelancer writer if we got a flair for writing. We can make some earnings by being a mere part tie writer or by being a full-time writer. A professional freelancer can make a six-figure income.

A Fun Way to Earn Some Income:

The above-mentioned ways of earning money are the result of passion mixed with some skills and all of them are a bit serious ways of earning income. However, there are some others and very different ways than the previously mentioned way.  Here we do not need high degrees, nor do we need some serious skills. Instead, all we require is some good flow in communication and some spare time.  With such ease, we can get paid. All we need to do is to flirt online with other people. There are many sites, that provide us a platform to get paid to flirt online. One such platform is the finance police. The main reason for such a platform is that many people find themselves lonely and the best way to get rid of loneliness is to find some company to talk to. So, this platform provides that company. Other than that, this is used for fun. Moreover, what better way is there to earn money while having some fun.

Some platforms information provided by the finance police are as follows:

My GirlFund:

The company’s basic idea is to help guys find internet girlfriends. WE can make money only by chatting and flirting. Many workers claimed to have earned $40,000 a year by being a full -time workers.


This is another site that gives us a platform to flirt. These sites also give us the option of which category we wish to choose. The starting price will be $5 per 5 min which will rise to $20-$25 per 10 to 15 min.


This is an app whose main idea is to get ourselves paid online by doing some mild flirt. So here we need to sign up and browse people to flirt with. Here in this app, there is a drink that holds some monetary value. We need to send those drinks to other people, and you earned $5 if we got ourselves some drinks from others.


So, such ways through sites and apps give us ways of earning some amounts. We can decide which ways and which types of jobs from which we wish to earn. We can pick serious ways of earning money by getting some high degrees and then getting a job according to the degree. Furthermore, we can also decide to turn our passion and hobbies of gaming and photography into a source of income. However, there is an easier way to earn money, which is to simply use our flirting skills and earn some money.

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