5 Ground-breaking Video Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

Looking at the digital marketing schemes in 2020, it is clear that video is, slowly but surely, taking over. With the audience’s average attention span being ever shorter, videos are the best way to cater to these people. They’re quick, concise, engaging and more convenient than walls of text or emails.

However, not all videos work for every type of business or on every platform, or even for every person. Videos, as such, need to be specialised and focused in order to deliver a good pitch and entice the audience to come to visit your site and try out your product or service. With that in mind, we put together this little article explaining some of the most popular trends on the market in the coming year. Let’s check them out!

1. Searchable Videos

SEO optimization has been around for years now, and any business that wishes to succeed in its industry needs to have SEO optimized websites and content to be noticed. However, SEO optimization is slowly spreading to videos, giving rise to searchable videos.

What does this mean? When scouring the web, you will notice that Google will put forward videos as the most relevant results to your search. These are searchable videos, the next step in SEO marketing. There are many SEO factors that help rank your videos higher, such as putting in a 30-second teaser, doing a transcript, adding a description and having a number of user-generated content on it. With Google’s effort to make videos easier to find, this is a great investment of time, money and effort for any company looking to get ahead of its competition in 2020.

2. Live Streaming

Ever since the introduction of Twitch in 2011, live streaming has been on the rise. Thousands of people watch their favourite streamers every day, and many will say that this creates a special bond between the streamer and the person watching, as they can communicate in real-time.

As it stands, live streaming has found its way into the corporate world as well. Just like the viewers stay in touch with their YouTube celebs, live streaming allows a business to form a more personal relationship with their customers. Live streaming lets the viewer ask questions and get an answer immediately from the comfort of their own home. This is especially useful for smaller businesses that are looking to grow but don’t have established brick-and-mortar stores in multiple locations, so people can’t simply walk over and ask the store clerk their questions. It also allows the business to talk about their product/service and showcase it in real-time to many viewers at once.

3. Educational Videos

Educational Videos

Educational videos, sometimes called explainer videos, have been around for quite a while, but their popularity hasn’t waned in the least. The reason behind this is that they offer great insight into what the company who owns the video is all about, what products they’re selling/what services they’re offering and what problems they are looking to solve.

With that being said, these videos quickly become invaluable to any business, and are, currently, the main format for many companies around the world. The reason they’re so popular is that they, in a very short time, present the company to the viewer, and lets them quickly decide if they like your pitch or not. Not only that, but there are a number of brands, like Alpha Omega Videos, that specialise in making such content, so you can always rely on pros to make an excellent video educating your viewers on the nature of your business, and drawing them in to try out your products and services.

4. AR/VR Videos

The newest kids on the block are, without doubt, augmented and virtual reality videos. AR/VR technology, though present for a few years already, still relatively new and underutilised. With that being said, any company that can find a way to use this new technology is sure to have an edge over its competition.

Like we said, AR/VR has already found uses in some industries. AR is already rocking the fashion industry, with many brands using this technology to promote their product and present it in as realistic a light as possible to their customers. The main advantage of AR/VR is just that – the ability to present a product to the viewers remotely and let them get a 360-degree view of it without even having to leave their seat to go to the store. Furniture companies are also using AR and VR to let their customers imagine what would it be like to own one of their products and how will it fit into their living space, and cosmetic brands have long since adopted this technology to promote their makeup lines.

5. Tailoring Video to Platform

The final and, perhaps, the most important trend when it comes to utilising video as an effective promotional and marketing scheme is knowing how to tailor that video to the platform you’re using. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin – all these platforms support video, but not all of them feature the same type of videos with the same tone.

Tailoring videos to your chosen platform stems from meticulous market research and careful construction of the customer persona. All the top companies and brands invest heavily in market research and the construction of such personae, as this allows them to allocate their resources toward and cater to the people who are the right fit for their company, thus increasing their customer acquisition rates significantly. This applies to videos as well, as different people like different kinds of video, and knowing what your future customers like will help you highlight just the right features of your product in a custom-made video to spark their interest.


And that’s it for video trends in 2020 for now. As you’ve seen there are quite a few trends to consider and adopt, but adopting even one will get you the exposure you need to greatly advance your company growth, so don’t be afraid to give them a try.

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