How Blog Posts can Boost Website’s Productivity

Running a blog has become very easy with the development of platforms like Blogger and WordPress. With more people having access to mobile devices, the readership for blogs and articles has also increased.

Businesses have noted the changing trend. Good blog writers with a decent following are often approached by marketers to promote their products. Many businesses are also hiring bloggers to write for them. A good blog can raise a website’s organic ranking and help businesses reach out to more customers.

If you have been trying to promote your business with blogs but failed so far, don’t worry. With the right blogging strategy, you can easily increase your web traffic and boost your conversion rate.

In this blog post, we share some easy and well-tested blogging tips that can increase your website traffic the way expert bloggers do.

Set Up Blogging Goals

One of the reasons why blogs fail to get desired results is because there is no marketing strategy behind them. You can’t just write up a random blog post and publish it on your website, hoping to get visitors.

The first thing you need to do is set up a blogging strategy. Ask yourself, “what is the purpose of having the blog?”

Do you want to build an active audience? Perhaps you want to inform your visitors about the products and services you sell? Are you looking to showcase your business expertise in the industry?

Once you have identified and set a goal for your blogging efforts, you will write better blogs that actually get the results you want.

Write Consistently

When it comes to blogging, there is a lot of inconsistency in digital businesses. Online businesses suddenly get active and post a dozen blogs within a week. They then go missing for months without a new post.

The reason for this occurrence is that most business entrepreneurs manage their own blogs. They sit down to write a blog post, get in the mood, and end up writing multiple pieces. They feel fine doing this from time to time but find being consistent hard.

If you are running a seasonal business, that approach would be justified. However, if you need to sell products and services throughout the year, then you need to be consistent with publishing new blog posts.

You can use a blog writing service to do it for you or schedule your blogs to appear on your website after certain periods.

Being consistent with your posts has its own rewards. It helps you rise in search engine rankings and keeps your audience engaged as well.

Remember to Use Call to Action

There is a good balance between providing interesting and making it all about sales. Your blog posts should not be just ‘Me, my products and I.’Take the needs of the reader into account. Try to be informative, entertaining, and useful to your readers without forcing them to buy from you.

Having said that, make sure you do put some links or CTAs on your blog posts. One of your main goals is to get sales. It can be difficult for businesses to get sales if they don’t remind their readers of their offering or promoted products.

You can place an easy-to-click banner at the side that scrolls down as your visitors read your blog posts. You can also insert a small paragraph near the end with links to your products or sales page.

Gently remind the reader that your products or services can be useful to solve their problems.

Use Internal Links

One way to keep your audience engaged on your website is to use internal links in your blog posts. These are links that go back to other blog posts, articles, and web pages on your website.

If your visitor is intrigued by something, they can click on that link to open another blog post and continue reading.

This marketing tactic was popularised by online media platforms that earn revenue from ads display. However, businesses are also adapting it now to build trust and create sales funnels for a customer journey.

Add Images, Charts, Infographics, GIFs, and Video

Your blog posts don’t need to consist of words alone. Graphics, charts, and images are great for maintaining the attention of your readers.

Research has shown that our brains prefer visual elements to the text. Writing has only been around for 10,000 years at most, but our ability to notice visuals is more than a million years old. We are attracted to colours and objects because aesthetics trigger emotional responses in our brains. Visual and auditory stimuli make us more engaged and immersed in what’s going on.

It is no surprise that video content platforms have become so popular in the last two years. If you use images, charts, and videos in your blog posts,you will be able to retain your audience’s attention for longer. Your blog posts will also become more memorable for your readers this way.


Blogging can be a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to promote your website, products, and services. As businesses are switching to digital sales in 2020, blogs and articles have become more important than ever to improve sales and brand image.

One thing to note is that there is no fixed formula for getting success with your blog. However, there are certain strategies that you can use to get the right results.

You must have clearly defined goals and write consistently to build an audience.Focus on providing value through your content and then pitching products and services. Also, remember to use internal links to reuse older content to maximise reuse. Add images or video where appropriate to leave a memorable impression on your audience.

We hope that our guide canhelp you get better results from your website.

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