How to Improve Home Storage Capacity

Home storage improvement is big headache of most people. The floor area of a house is unchangeable so many people think their houses become smaller and smaller as they buy more and more daily stuffs. Actually, this situation always occurs when the owners don’t reasonably organize their home and have no place for everything. Moreover, the vertical space can well solve the clutter problem in your home.

Try those home storage solutions to increase house storage space.

  1. Discard the stuff that you don’t need.

First of all, you need to be willing to discard the items that you don’t use, which is the best way to keep your home tidy. The massive useless stuffs always cause clutter, which will take you much time to tidy up and waste your money. Try to categorize them and give up those unwanted items. Donate some to the people in need or sell some of them on some second-hand stores. How about the remaining items that you need? Put them by category and pack them up regularly so as to declutter your home and leave available space.

  1. Measure your space and customize the interior furniture.

Measure before buying everything to make sure they are suitable for your living space. Once getting the bigger one, it will be embarrassing and bring inconvenience to your life. The best way is to customize the furniture based on your house size. Generally the interior designer will draw the structure of the furniture according to your need and design more storage space inside. Then you can decide whether to reduce or add extra storage with the customized furniture. Undoubtedly, it is perfect for the whole house construction but may be a little complex if you just tend to change a piece of furniture.

  1. Choose the furniture for both beauty and functionality.

The home furnishings and decorative items should have both aesthetic and functionality. Don’t just care too much about the pretty appearance and the versatility is also significant to improve home storage capacity and ease your daily life. Please consider whether it is easy to clean, increase hidden storage or can be used in different situations. For example, select the adornment which has storage space for keys, tissue, etc.; choose a magazine storage rack for desktop or living room stylishly decorating. 

  1. Get multi-task furniture and decors.

It is great that the ottoman can be seated and offer hidden storage space; the mirror cabinet works for dressing up and keeping cosmetics, which is better than a single mirror; storage bed provides both comfortable sleeping experience and the space underneath for storing pillows and seasonal bedding; a bookcase would display and store household elements. Therefore, it saves your money and lots of space to get the multitask furniture, which will invisibly improve storage capacity in your home.


  1. Don’t ignore the seemingly-useless space.

People will usually take no notice of the vertical space and some dead place, e.g.: the space under stair, the back of doors, corner space, the space inside sofas, bay window. Those spaces would play important roles in improving storage capacity, especially for the small houses. Try to hang the hook on the back of the door for clothing or bags; put the storage box or small cabinet under the stair to collect infrequently-used items; get the corner makeup vanity in the corner of the bedroom. These methods can well resolve the storage requirement for the narrow spaces.


  1. Keep wall-hung ideas.

The vertical space on the wall will add the extra storage in your house. Hanging the cabinet on the wall will not influence people’s walking on the floor but still provide extra storage space for saving books, decorative items, odds and ends. Here suggest to mount the floating TV cabinet, mirrored jewelry cabinet and bookshelf to the wall to make full use of the wall space in living room, bedroom. The ceiling-hung ideas are also recommended. Hang the pots and pans to the wall or ceiling to improve storage space in your kitchen.

wall-hung ideas

  1. Get into good habit of sorting.

Even though you have designed and remodeled with many extra storage space, it is in vain if you don’t sort the items and place them in the correct place. Divide the open shelves and label them with the name so your family members could put the books, toys, keys, masks, and other ornaments in the corresponding compartment. If you can put the things into proper place, your home will become larger and cleaner, which is the easiest way to increase your home storage without buying or designing more.

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