How to Lose Weight with Running and Yoga

Losing weight can be hard sometimes when it comes to exercising. Every exercise can be helpful but you need to know your body first. Running is one of the methodical ways for burning fat quickly. Running can almost beat every exercise. If you are a good runner and ready to lose weight then it would be a bit easy to you. The best thing you can do is determine beforehand what necessities you need. Selecting a pair of under Armour running shoes can really help the process. They will make you feel stable and balanced during your exercise routine. If you are not good at running then Yoga might help you with your weight loss goals. Yoga is an ancient exercise which is not only good for mind refreshment but it can also pave a way for reducing weight. You don’t need to be a pigeon hearted. We will teach you how to lose weight with running and Yoga.

  1. Practice more, eat less

The number of miles running will determine how much calories you burned. The more you run the more your body shed calories. Running is a high-intensity exercise. According to a research, Running can actually burn calories by 90% when it comes to comparing it with walking. So if we run a lot we will shed the calories a lot more. Your body shed the calories best when yourun equally to the 65% of the heart rate. Keep your runs longer for the higher rate of burning calories.

Mix up of running with Yoga will bring bounty weight loss advantages. Yoga will enrich you mindfulness and freshness. Each class of Yoga burns many calories. 60 to 90 minutes Yoga class burn a lot of fats and calories. Like running, Yoga is also more beneficial with suitable controlled diet. Fifth step of Yoga is all about diet. Without controlling your diet, you will not have the required results.

Practice more, eat less

  1. Frequent

You must maintain a schedule for running. Most runners go into 2 to 3 runs per week. You have to be frequent in order to maintain the habit and strength. Frequency is the best way to maintain the running last long. You should take the running session daily but as we all know that running might cause injury so it is good for beginners to stick it to 3 to 4 runs per week. If you are confident about your running then you can follow the frequent running plan. Only elite runners maintain the habit of running 6 to 7 times per week. Frequency will continue to add up more and more miles to your running distance. If you run 70 miles then your frequency will become your habit and you end crossing 70 miles.

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Also, instead of taking 60 minute Yoga class, prefer longer classes if you want to lose weight quickly. Talk with your Yoga instructor and request for additional Yoga classes. For burning more calories, you need to adopt those Yoga poses which focus on large body parts. Or you can opt for vigorous vinyasa which will keep your body frequently moving.

Yoga poses

  1. Intensity

In order to maintain intensity, what matters the most is distance. Add some high-intensity workout intervals in it rather than going for slow steady and long-running. In order to maintain this jog at your favorite place for 60 seconds then do the high-intensity for 30 minutes until you are out of breath. Repeat it for 25 minutes or as your strength level allows. Research shows that high-intensity workout can burn fatter.

For Yoga intensity lies in concentration and presence of mind in your poses. The more you are deep into yoga the more will be the advantages. Additionally, when your mind is works more your body will burn more calories.

high-intensity workout

  1. Make it a challenge

If you are bored to run on flat ground and you want to shed some extra pounds as well then hit the hill. By running on hills you will help you burn fatter and lose some extra pounds as it consumes more muscles movement. You get 10 percent of increase rate in your burnt calories. So according to this the gentle hill will burn 50 percent more calories. Follow these steps in a way that you will enjoy doing it. Run on to the hill for 20 to 30 seconds with intensity and jog back. Take some rest for 30 seconds and then repeat it 4 to 12 times daily in order to maintain the fitness level. If you are at home try these steps on a lean object or if you are in a gym then try these on a treadmill. This exercise will not only burn your fat but it will make your glutes hard, so you will get a perky butt. You should also be able to follow your running routine even during travels. However, safety precautions must be properly followed during travelling.

If running across the hills looks impossible to you then opt for little difficult yoga poses. Ashtanga Yoga is more suitable for it. Sometimes, weight loss is not only due to over-eating habits but it can be also due to ill-functioning of some body parts. Ashtanga Yoga will impart healthiness and its practice will strengthen those parts for working properly.

Ashtanga Yoga

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