How to Make Your Office Printing Habits Eco-Friendly

Some companies may be intimidated by the idea of having an eco-friendly office. The costs may seem excessive or they worry that the restrictions may cause productivity to dip. In today’s highly competitive world, companies want to have an edge in order to thrive or even just survive.

However, it is possible to actually save money and the environment by practicing office printing habits that are eco-friendly, as we shall see below.

What is the importance of power-saving mode?

While a printer or copy machine is waiting to print or copy something, it will actually burn through energy. Thus, you can turn on the power-saving mode on your printer in order to save energy. The printer will still be on, but it will expend far less energy while it is inactive.

Most modern printers are easy to use, so you should be able to activate the power-saving mode with one or two clicks. However, if you are unable to activate it, then check the manual that came with your printer.

What is an ink tank printer option?

Most of the printers that are sold today will require ink cartridges. Many people will simply replace their ink cartridges with new ones once they are empty. This approach is convenient, but it will also harm the environment. Ink cartridges often end up in landfills, where they will contribute to water, air, and land pollution. The good news is that printing companies have started to learn the error of their ways.

Some innovative and forward-thinking companies like Canon and Epson have started manufacturing printers that include refillable ink tanks. Less cartridges will be thrown out as a result. Also, some companies have started programs that allow for other companies to send their ink cartridges to them so that they can be recycled.

However, more companies will need to follow their lead in order to promote eco-friendly printing methods to other countries.

What is the significance of the duplex printing feature?

You can save money if your printer has a duplexing capability. Duplexing refers to double-sided printing, and it is an eco-friendly feature. Manual duplexing should be avoided, as it will require that you turn each piece over before feeding it back into the unit. Instead, opt for a printer that provides automatic duplexing. Please remember to change the setting so that automatic duplexing is set as the default mode.

What are the benefits of using multi-functional printers?

Some printers can only print. However, you can save time, money, and the environment by buying a multi-functional printer. A multi-functional printer can not only print, but also copy, fax, bind, scan, and even staple documents.

You can conserve raw materials and energy that would have been wasted by owning multiple office units. Imagine the thousands of printers, fax machines, scanners, and the like that are dumped into landfills every year, thus producing millions of tonnes of e-waste. You can help reduce the amount of e-waste being produced by buying one device in order to handle all of your office document needs.

What are robust reporting capabilities?

Your printer should be able to provide you with comprehensive printing reports. The reports will give you a clear and accurate picture of the unit’s energy consumption levels. The reports will also help you reduce the amount of waste produced.

You will be able to cut back on unnecessary ink use and excess printing as well. Some printers are so advanced that they will automatically monitor the amount of ink that your office uses in order to send you refills before you run out of ink. We would also recommend that you donate, sell, or recycle old or outdated printers and other such devices in the office to further help save the ecosystem.

What is the importance of eco-friendly certified printers?

If having a milder environmental impact is of the utmost importance to you, then you may want to look into eco-friendly certified printers. For example, a printer with the Energy Star, Nordic Swan, Ecomark, Blue Angel, or EPEAT labels will help reduce your carbon footprint.

Less waste was involved in order to manufacture such eco-friendly printers. Lower energy usage is also another benefit of purchasing a printer that is eco-friendly certified. Some companies may worry that eco-friendly office printers may be subpar, but most are state-of-the-art printers that combine efficiency and environmentally friendly features.

Moving Forward

Climate change is here to stay, and will only get worse over the next decade. Having a green attitude around the office will motivate your staff, clients, and others in the community to also do their part in helping slow down climate change.

Changes do not have to be drastic either, as simply changing your printing habits in order to promote environmental sustainability will help reduce e-waste.

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