How to Transfer Data from PS4 to PS5- 3 Easy Ways

You may have bought the new game console and custom PS5 game controller but that doesn’t mean you have to throw away your old games!

We have made the data transfer on your new PlayStation 5 easier with this guide. Here’s the complete guide to help PS5 users transfer and access their saved files from their PS4 system.

We all want to pick up and play from where we were on the new PlayStation 5. When using game discs or re-downloading the game from the PS library, you will figure out that saved files couldn’t be transferred, even if you have Cloud Network access.

However, there are multiple ways to transfer your PS4 saved file data to PS5.

  1. Data transfer via external drive:

This is a straightforward data transfer:

  • Click on Settings and check the System Software Update section. Ensure the PS4 has the latest update installed.
  • Stay signed in with the same account that you use on PS5.
  • Connect the PS4 and PS5 systems to the same network. You can use a wired LAN or Wi-Fi to connect to one network. Here’s a little Pro Tip to speed up the Wi-Fi transfer: connect the PS4 to the PS5 directly via an Ethernet cable.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Select System and then System Software.
  • Click on Data Transfer.
  • Select the Continue button.
  • Press the PS4 power button for one second.
  • A list of all the games and apps with saved data that you can transferwill be presented.
  • Select some or all of the data according to your specific requirements and click on Next.

This section will cover all the selected games and move themonto your new PS5. Start the copying process to transfer all the data in the background while you play your favorite games.

Check the PS5 downloads to keep an eye on progress. You can start playing the already copied games even when others are still in the transfer process.

  1. Via external storage drive

This is everyone’s favorite option.  Use an external hard drive for data transfer.  You may have storage drive connected to your PS4 already but if not, it may be challenging to format the drive. This would be an easier step, especially when you have custom PS5 controller to operate easily.

Plug your drive into the PS4.Here’s the pathway to get started:

  • Settings > Devices > USB Storage Devices.
  • Click on your drive and select Format As Extended Storage.
  • Click on Next> Format> Confirm.
  • Now you can start the transfer process. Click on the Settings menu and select Storage.
  • After it’s calculated, select System Storage.
  • Select all the games you wish to copy onto the drive.
  • Click on Move to Extended Storage.
  • Go back to the USB storage devices.
  • Select Stop Using This External Storage and then unplug your drive safely.
  • Plug the format drive into the PS5.
  • Select the Settings option.
  • Click on Storage > External Storage > Games and Apps.Here, you will see a list of all the games you have moved.You can either move all the PS4 games to the PS5 or store them on the drive for future use.

This way, you can save the required space on PS5’s internal drive by keeping PS4 games in the external storage drive. Make sure you disconnect the external drive once it has been used for data transfer.

Some of the original games, such as Spider-Man, have upgrades for PS5 that you can install. In this case, install the PS5 version directly on the system disk for an upgraded version.

Installation of games and dates to the PS5 disc

Multiple PS4 discs are compatible with the PS5 console. You can install the PS4 disc on the new system by installing the disc version of the PS5 instead of the digital version.

Noteworthy point: if you are using the external drive, the default settings automatically start to install PS4 games on the external storage. This could be a win-win option but you can also disable the option in Settings with the help of custom PS5 controller.

Download directly from the PlayStation Store

If you’ve downloaded or bought games previously from the PS store, it’s easier to re-download them onto the new system. This works explicitly in the case of compatible PS4 and PS5 games from the store.  It is also applicable for any free PlayStation Plus games that you have added to the library, provided your PS account remains active.This could be your best bet if you have a fast internet connection.

  1. Transfer via cloud

Noteworthy point:  This option is only accessible for users subscribed to PlayStation Plus.  Users cannot get access to cloud files or transfer data without a subscription.

There is an excellent chance that your files are already uploaded on the cloud if you forgot to upload your data manually.  Check which game files have data saved on the cloud.

  • Click on Settings.
  • Select Application Saved Data Management.
  • Select Saved Data in Online Storage and then click Download to System Storage.Here you can view all the files stored. If you already have all the files saved in here, simply boot up PS5.

Otherwise, follow the steps given here:

Check if your PS4 system has all the data saved. 

  • Settings > Storage > System Storage > Save Data.
  • Make sure you have all the data saved here for transfer.
  • If not, click Upload to Online Storage.
  • Click on the game data to upload and then select the saved files individually. You can also click Select them all and then hit the Upload button.

Once done, manually download all the saved files from the cloud to your storage. Without wasting any more time, let the gamer in you shoot and reload faster, with custom PS5 controllers.

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