How to Write a Better Blog Posts

The importance of having high quality content on your website need not to be mentioned; it is simply essential. While it is true that every writer has his/her own style, one should note that there is a checklist of traits in producing compelling content (and it can’t be ignored!)

Identify your target audience

Every writer has a target audience in mind before he/she starts to write something. This community of people that a writer aims to be writing the content for is subconscious in the writer’s brain. It is in the mind. But the issue is that if not explicitly identified, a writer can sometimes deviate to talking about something that is not of concern to his target audience. Therefore, identify your target audience. This will give you an idea of what you should write. For instance, in an article titled ‘how to become a better teacher’, realize that the teaching requirements for a primary teacher vary from the teaching requirements for a  graduate level professor.

Dig deep for your research

Good research is significant for many reasons. First of all, you get a better understanding of the topic. You feel well- qualified to write. Secondly, you start to get an idea of what is already out there on internet about the topic. It needs not be pointed out that internet is full of content. Uniqueness is rare these days. Therefore, knowing what is already there will help you identify what is not there. Anything different is a plus.

A lot of new bloggers ask the question that how far one should go in researching. The fact is that there is no one answer to this question. It is highly dependent on the topic. However, one method I personally use is to mark where content/ideas start to recur. That is when I know I have done enough research.

Plagiarizing is evil

Have you ever opened up a website and seen an article copy pasted from another website that you just closed? I mean, that is just… incorrect. Obviously it is morally wrong to be copy pasting, but we live in an era where one needs to mention how not doing something wrong is going to benefit them, so here goes: plagiarism can bring down your website. Not only that, it gives your viewers a negative image of the quality of content on your website. If you try to copy paste your blog post you may penalize by google. Search engines policies are very restrict regarding originality of the content.  Therefore, make sure that your content is 100% original, Always.

Choose the right format

Formats for different posts vary. However, the most common bullet/headline format found on internet is perhaps the most important one. Headlines breakdown the content for the reader. Such content can not only just be of use to those who want to skim through the content, but is also appealing to full- length readers. According to a survey 67% of the internet users only left by just viewing your blog post, So choose some attractive headline for your Content.

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