7 Inspiring Ideas for Creative Event Lighting

Do you have an event coming up and need to plan the lighting? You might not think it’s an essential part, but lighting can make or break your plans. Lighting sets the mood, spotlights details, and enhances the aesthetics of the space. When it comes to lighting, creating something original and unique is key. If you’re ready to explore some new ideas, consider these innovative ways to use lighting for your next event.

1.  Lighting As Architecture

Many event venues are empty and open, meaning you have a lot of space to fill. Instead of using physical structures, like balloon arches and backdrops, you can use lighting! Make a visual impact with powerful floodlights to create spheres, pillars, runways, and more. Lighting is a more versatile choice than any physical structure for your decor. You can change the color, structure, and even movement pattern for the perfect design.

You might also want to combine architecture with lighting design! Use string lights to highlight certain columns, trellises, or other architectural features in a subtle way.

Some venues have lighting designers that can help you develop your plan. If not, there are plenty of online resources to ensure expert lighting design.

2.  Furniture as Lighting



Your light fixtures don’t need to be floating up above so far out of reach! Bring your event lighting down to Earth to be both functional and beautiful. Incorporating light fixtures into your furniture is an original way to illuminate any room and keep spaces separate and intimate. Ambient lighting inside tables or around columns creates a soft, diffused glow to highlight seating and congregating areas.

Play with different light colors and intensities to reinforce your aesthetic for the event. Color can do a lot to change people’s perception of interior spaces.

3.  Lighting as Art

Many people don’t think of lighting conceptually; they only consider it from a functional standpoint. Well, when it comes to event lighting, you need to take your decor to a whole new level. Turn around everyone’s idea of what lighting can be when you make it into art. You can make a statement and create a focal point with an art installation made of light. Whether it’s a display of drones or a static array of light fixtures, make the lighting a centerpiece.

4. Lighting as Messaging

Lighting as Messaging

You’ve probably got a theme for your event or a message you want to spread. Why not make sure it pops when you incorporate it into the lighting? You can use bright lights to create three-dimensional word displays or shine a spotlight on your event signage. You might even want to get a custom neon sign made with the message of your event.

Consider how your lighting illuminates this area of your decor, and make sure it’s a great spot for photos. There’s no better way to get a message out than to make sure it appears everywhere on social media! An Insta-worthy messaging display could make you go viral.

5. Branded Lighting

When your event is tied into a single company, branded lighting could be the perfect way to pay homage. Combine backlighting, uplights, and ambient light to create the right atmosphere. Then, shine your brand name in lights all around the space. No need to get custom-printed balloons, signs, or tablecloths! Do it all with gobos when you put your name in lights.

You can use gobos plates with any design. Simply customize your plate with the name or pattern you want and place it in the fixture. When you turn the light on, the bulbs shine through the plate to create a singular display.

6. Themed Lighting

Themed Lighting

You can create themed lighting with gobos plates that far exceed your expectations. Branded lighting is a good place to start, but you can make anything with these plates! Take your guests to an otherworldly dimension by projecting galactic stars throughout the space. Or make your event into a fairy wonderland with forest projections and moving lights. You can even make guests feel like they’re under the sea with undulated blue lights. Whatever theme you choose, make it a reality with your lighting.

7.  Atmospheric Lighting

Don’t let an average banquet hall or conference room derail the aesthetics of your event. Strike any type of mood with your lighting. Want something sophisticated and elegant? Focus on white and gold lights with abstract shapes. Hoping for something mysterious? Opt for dimmer bulbs and deep purple, blue, and green hues. Everything from candles and LED fixtures to pin spot lighting and crystals can create the ambiance you desire.

Don’t let the existing modern light fixtures dictate your atmosphere. Add your own style when you bring in appropriate lighting that expresses your brand.

Finding the Right Lights

Immersive lighting design can be a complex task, so don’t be afraid to ask for professional help. Any lighting designer can guide you to event lights that fit your theme and fall within your budget. Some designers can even help you create your lighting from scratch to comprehensively transform a space.

Sustainable Lighting

If you’re planning a big event, you’re probably buying a ton of stuff. Minimize waste when you choose sustainable lighting brands to fill your orders. Even something as small as biodegradable packaging helps offset the environmental costs of your event.

Ready to get started? Find more inspiration for your event here!

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