7 kitchen Island Ideas for Your Modern Home

The kitchen is part of a house that experiences the most interaction, which is why it requires the most attention in terms of maintenance and repair. Kitchen décor is one of the essential things and here is why.

Reflects Your Taste

Your kitchen is the place you spend most of your time if you love cooking. A place that you spend so much time in needs to be according to your personality and taste. Giving a makeover to the old kitchen space will not only improve the ambiance but also reflect your lifestyle and creativity.

Better Future

Maintaining and improving kitchen overtime does not only keep your kitchen updated in looks and functionality but also lifts the resale value, just in case you feel the need to sell the house.

Modernity Brings Convenience

Updating the kitchen according to present needs and modern technology makes it quite easy to work in. New high-tech appliances and modern style kitchenware will keep things easy and smooth for you so you would not only be efficient and functional but also enjoy the convenience of the smooth kitchen operation.

What is a Kitchen Island?

A kitchen island is a piece of cabinetry standing freely which Is usually placed on countertops for a wider and smoother top. The purpose of an island is to provide more storage space, so everything you need is at hand. With a kitchen island come an amazing amount of diverse opportunities through which you can personalize your kitchen space. They have a practical use and enhance the ambiance of the kitchen setting.

Things to Look for When Purchasing an Island

A kitchen island is the most elegant as well as an important part of a kitchen. It takes up the prominent space and improves the aesthetics up to a great extent. However, there are certain things you need to consider before getting a kitchen island.

  • Budget

The most important part of any décor project is to set a budget. Islands can be quite expensive. There are several low-quality rip-offs of a brand and other replicated designs that retail for the least $100 but they wear off very fast and would not have the desired quality. The good islands are available from $3000-$5000. Custom built kitchen islands are the new trend which can cost up t0 $10,000 so if you are not tight on budget and love custom-built themed goods, it is a great option for you.

  • Buy or Build?

DYing is a great option if you want to save money because let’s be real, kitchen islands can be very expensive at times. Building your own can be very budget-friendly, but you would need time, skill, and commitment. If you think it is your deal, DYing is a great option. However, if you do not have that kind of time and commitment, simply buy one.

  • Storage and surface

The dimensions of an island are also very important as your kitchen space should not be overpowered with a single piece of cabinetry.

  • Colour and shape

Colour and theme coordination are to be considered before purchasing an island as it must go with the theme of the rest of the kitchen.

List of best ideas for Kitchen Island

1. Marble island

With marble islands, you can add a touch of drama to your kitchen. The swirling effect will not only look aesthetic, but the gradient of hues present in a marble kitchen island will work perfectly with the kitchen’s theme; you do not have to sweat blood over finding the perfect match. If your kitchen has hardwood floors, a crackle ceramic marble tile island will create the picture-perfect look for your kitchen setting.

Marble island

If you have a dark-colored floor, use a lighter, more of a pastel shade in marble for your island, so it stands out as it takes up the most prominent space and is the highlight of your kitchen.

Keep the thickness of the island slightly more than the usual ones as does not only make it sturdier and more durable but also add a touch of luxury; you do not want to miss out on that professional feel.

2. Wooden Island

Using wooden in any home décor idea will add a vintage touch to your setting. As for kitchens, a rustic look is always preferred over any other. Using exotic varieties of wood can boost the ambiance further; as compared to any synthetic islands, a wooden provides a stronger and more stable visual contrast to the rest of the theme.

Wooden Island

Wooden islands have more texture than marble, granite, or any other material which always backs up the vintage vibe of the wooden theme.

There are two types of wooden islands.

  • Standard countertop
  • Butcher block top

The standard one is the usual wooden island you’d see in any house; however; the butcher block top is more rough and uneven in texture usually used in themed restaurants and workplaces. It is more functional and less visually attractive.

3. Resin and Epoxies

Epoxy and resin kitchen islands are trending like crazy these days, mainly because of how fancy and artistic they look. The best thing about these is that not only can you purchase them but also make them at home. If you are making one yourself, it can be a challenge as it is quite messy and there are no second chances.

Resin and Epoxies

Epoxy islands are durable, seamless, heat resistant, and easy to clean. There is a wide spectrum of artistic designs you can try including drippings, waves, spots, and many other patterns. Explore your inner artist with the trendy DIY epoxy kitchen islands.

4. Le Metallica

Using stainless steel or other sturdy alloys as countertops is another great idea for a kitchen island. With the strength of metal, it goes a long way, and its shiny chrome colour would brighten up your kitchen. Using alloys will also prevent any corrosion or wear off and make them last longer in the ‘good as new’ condition. If you like being extra, like me, you can also choose steel countertops with mounted wheels for motility and ease of adjustment.

Le Metallica

This unique idea will not only provide an extremely functional countertop, but it will also present you with modern and elegant home décor. Pair the sparkling steel or chrome with a grey kitchen theme; maybe a grey wood furnished one; maybe a solid black or blue themed one. Experiment and have fun creating the perfect setting for your kitchen.

5. Be Bold and Big

Minimalism seems sophisticated and elegant until the bold maximalism hops in. It might be daunting for a few of you out there as it takes effort to handle it, but if you place a bold and bright kitchen island in the position, lighting, and theme, it will “shine bright like a diamond”. Here is a tip to ease things down if you want to go B&B with your island.

Be Bold and Big

Choose a big kitchen island in your favorite material and texture and place it in a way that there is equal space on all sides; blend the color of the surrounding counters with the wall. This will create incredible visuals and make your space look bigger.

6. Not Just a Kitchen Island

When it comes to countertops and kitchen islands, all people think of is a flat piece of material to lay on top of the cabinetry. In the present time, where innovation is revolutionizing everything, islands have become much more than just countertops too.

Not Just a Kitchen Island

You can find a variety of kitchen islands with built-in soap dispensers, water dispensers, and slots for placing trays and other things. Using these fancy kitchen islands does not only come in handy when it comes to functionality but also looks great due to their unique design.

Creativity has no limits. If you are on to having a custom-built island, you might as well want to consider one with a built-in dispenser, slots for various purposes, or even an electrical outlet for charging your iPad so you can watch your favorite show while cooking or eating.

custom-built island

7. Magical Island?

Let us imagine together a kitchen island with a built-in sink, but instead of a sink, it’s a plain countertop with just a faucet on top and no mold metallic sink bowl. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Maybe somewhat unreal too. Fortunately, it is possible. These islands are not flat; a slight concavity towards the middle (where the faucet is) allows the water to drain into the slit (under the faucet). Regardless of how much pressure the water comes out, there will be no mess.

Magical Island

This elegant design is, however, quite pricey. You might have seen one in the Kim Kardashian home tour videos, so the high price is obvious but, if you have a budget that can afford one of these, do not miss your chance.

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