Need to Replenish the Kitchen for Kids Safety

Introducing the Safe Kitchen Plan Concept

The last thing many of us tend to consider when replenishing our home to make it safe for children is the kitchen. The nursery and the bathtub are probably the first items on our lists. But if you stop to think about it, a child-friendly kitchen plan is just as essential as the other two. On the one hand, there’s the mandatory need for safe kid kitchens. On the other hand, we need to consider the vital part this room will play not only for the entire family but for the kid’s childhood too.

Here is where stuff like a kitchen pantry plan or a fresh kitchen drawings plans come into play. But let’s start from the beginning and examine five amazing, safe kitchen plan concepts, one by one:

1. Island Living

A solid DIY Kitchen Island Plan can provide an almost sacred and intimate place for you and your kids to gather around and have a family talk. And that’s just the beginning. As seen on, an island table can be used both for eating and storing additional items such as bowls, baskets, massive dishes, or bottles of wine. However, when you have a toddler around the house, leaving this type of items at close reach might not be such a safe idea. Instead, you could plan toy kitchen accessories in the extra storage space.

Big kitchen

2. Using Kid-Friendly Magnets

Magnets are a safe choice for any kid-friendly kitchen plan. They are not only harmless but also a lot of fun if you put your mind to it. At the same time, you could use them within a kitchen safety lesson plan.

For example, you could stick photos depicting how to wash the dishes or forbidden actions on one side of the magnets and attach them to the fridge in two distinct categories. This way, you can easily teach little children how to conduct themselves in the kitchen.

Here is another excellent example of how you could use magnets for a fun and safe kitchen plan. Take two photos, one of the parents and one of the kids, and attach each one of them on one side of the magnet. Then you can use the magnet to assign tasks, such as washing or drying the dishes.

3. Attaching Drawing Tablets

Any kitchen drawing plan should include at least one tablet for your kid to have fun with. Most drawing tablets for children have built-in magnets so that you can easily attach them on the fridge, or anywhere else in the child’s reach. They are a fun and educational kitchen plan, stimulating your kid to use his imagination and develop his drawing skills. As your kid grows, you could start teaching him basic mathematics, by drawing an easy task on the table daily, for him to solve.

Drawing tablet

4. Creating a Pantry

A pantry might seem like a lot of work, but when you’re having small kids running around the place all day, it might be the safest idea to go for. And setting up a decent kitchen pantry plan is not that hard either. Using simple household items, you can easily delimitate a room to store all your food, beverages, linens, and cleaning chemicals. With this kitchen plan, only you will have access to them, preventing your kid from touching or playing with any potentially dangerous materials.

5. Kitchen Lighting Plan Examples

There are hundreds of unique and ingenious kitchen plan lighting ideas out there. However, since the focus of our article is children, we’ll only address a few examples that are both fun and kid-friendly:

  • Charming Chandelier: as long as it hangs at a safe distance from the table, a magnificent looking chandelier can make for an excellent kid-friendly kitchen plan.
  • Light Every Corner: placing gold wall sconces in each corner of the ceiling will also have a pleasant impact on your kitchen, illuminating every corner.
  • Sassy Sputnik: going for a sputnik-styled kitchen plan lighting will not only confer your kitchen a modern look but will also fascinate your children through its abstract design and look.
  • Crystal Clear: especially in the early ages, children tend to have a mild fascination towards the crystal. By opting for this type of lighting, not only will you catch their attention. You will have the certainty that your kid will not be able to reach the crystal globe lights placed high above the kitchen table.

Conclusion: It may happen you’re having trouble deciding how to plan a kitchen remodel. Surely, you want it to increase the aesthetic value of your home and also create a safe environment for your children. The ideas and tips enlisted above should provide enough material to work with. But no matter what kitchen plan you go for, your child’s safety should always come first. Let us know what your favorite kitchen plan idea was and, if you have any other exciting and kid-friendly suggestions, kindly share them with us!

Author’s bio: Nellie Rodrigues is not your average type of mom. She spends most of her time at home, taking care of Julian, her 5 years old son. And her son likes to like to play in kid kitchens.  At the same time, she works as a remote freelance web designer for a promising media agency and as a junior copywriter for us.

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